Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin: Why He Changed His Mind & Now Wants To ‘Not Rush’ Into Having Kids

Justin Bieber announced that he wants to enjoy solo time with Hailey Baldwin 'for a while,' but there's even more reasons behind their decision to put off family plans for now.

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Image Credit: Ralph Petts / SplashNews.com

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s whirlwind romance led to an engagement and marriage within the span of two months in 2018, so rumors naturally swirled that parenthood would come next — and soon. “For a long time Justin was very interested and eager in having kids with Hailey soon after marriage,” a source close to Justin, 25, EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. The “I Don’t Care” singer also confirmed that he’d like to go on “daddy daughter dates” in the future, but clarified that he’s “not hinting at anything soon” and isn’t “in a rush” to co-parent with Hailey, 22, in a July 10 Instagram post! While Justin explained that he’d like to enjoy Hailey by herself “for a while,” he wasn’t the only one who made that decision.
“[Hailey] was the one who actually wanted to wait and pump the brakes on all of that talk because she is still young and she wants to pursue more TV and modeling opportunities,” our source reveals. Hailey, who recently modeled for Miu Miu’s Fall/Winter 2019 campaign, “is interested in all of that to where she does not want to devote a great portion of time towards being a mother right now.”
Hailey has realized what age range she’d be “mostly interested in doing the kid thing,” and that’s “her later twenties or early thirties,” our source tells us — “couple years the earliest.” Her husband wasn’t fazed. “Justin has since agreed to her wishes because he loves her and he wants her to be happy and they will have a family when it is the right time for both of them,” our insider continues. “To rush would be a mistake because they are very happy and are very much a couple in unison with their thoughts on simple things, [such] as what food they want for dinner, and serious things like when to have a child.” And now, finally, they are also on “the same page” when it comes to their family plans, our source says!
As you can see, Hailey and Justin are busy spending quality time with one another, such as their trip to Disneyland on July 10. They also love to snuggle in bed, which JB shared with his 115 million Instagram followers on July 10 as well. He even left a little poem for his wife in the caption: “My lips get jealous of my arms cuz I can hold you with them.”

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