‘The Hills’ Recap: Stephanie Fears Justin Bobby Is ‘Playing’ With Audrina’s Emotions

Old habits die hard, right? The July 8 episode of 'The Hills: New Beginnings' felt awfully familiar due to the fact that Justin Bobby was acting super hot and cold with Audrina.

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The rest may still be unwritten, but if you ask us, we know how Audrina‘s future with Justin Bobby unfolds, and it’s not pretty. The July 8 episode of The Hills: New Beginnings was all we needed to see to know that Justin Bobby is once again “playing” with Audrina’s emotions — just like he did the last time they dated… over a decade ago. It became crystal clear (no pun intended) when Audrina met up with Stephanie to go plant shopping. Audrina told Stephanie how she feels Justin Bobby’s acting hot and cold with her. Especially given that fact that despite not picking her up for the music festival, like he said he would, he then gave her a kiss on the lips when they said goodbye. As we said — he’s hot and cold.

And Audrina became even more confused after Stephanie told her that Justin Bobby drove to her apartment to check on her after her blowout fight with Spencer. So he drove to LA from Huntington Beach for Stephanie, but wouldn’t drive 10 minutes to pick up Audrina before the music festival. Doesn’t sound very nice, does it? Well, Stephanie agreed and she told Audrina that she fears Justin Bobby is “playing” with her emotions.

Things then took a turn for the worst, when Stephanie confronted Justin Bobby about his “kiss” with Audrina, and he denied ever doing such a thing. He also said that he and Audrina are just friends. So Audrina wanted to skip his concert later in the week — an event that most of the cast was invited to — until Jason Wahler‘s wife convinced her to go anyway. So she went, but she left before the performance was over, so it wouldn’t look like she was there to support Justin. (Sure, Audrina.)

Oh, and Spencer and Brody also got into a fight, but you can read more about that here. Want more drama? New episodes of The Hills: New Beginnings air Mondays at 10pm on MTV!

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