Machine Gun Kelly: Fans Are Convinced He’s Dissing Eminem Again With New Track ‘Floor 13’

MGK's new album 'Hotel Diablo' is here, & one song appears to take aim at Eminem (again). Fans instantly took notice of the lyrics that seem to shade his long-time foe.

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Machine Gun Kelly’s new album arrived at the stroke of midnight on July 5, and one track appears to throw jabs at Eminem. MGK, 29,  tossed shade towards his long-time enemy on the hard-hitting song “Floor 13.” “I just spent too many minutes watchin’ little videos of shitty wannabe rappers dissing me. I just spent the winter livin’ after someone tried to send a kill shot, missin’ me,” he viciously rapped. “One legend that tried to fuck with me and got the venom,” he said on yet another verse.

Fans immediately caught wind of the diss and took to Twitter with their reactions. “Water Gun Kelly disses Eminem again on his new flop album  That diss is so weak bro,” one fan wrote while another said: “It would be so freaking funny if Eminem ignored MGK diss.” Fans were well aware that this is by no means the first time the rapper had shaded his enemy.  “MGK on his new “Floor 13” track shoots back at Eminem. Again,” one person wrote.

MGK has never held back when taking shots at Eminem. The seemingly endless feud stems from the time that MGK hit on Eminem’s daughter, Hallie, but he also insinuated Eminem is old with his diss track “Rap Devil.” Eminem has fired back at MGK with several diss track of his own, and Kelly’s latest track could very well be a response to “Killshot,” which Marshall Mathers dropped in 2018.

Take a listen to the track for yourself, above! After their seemingly-endless bitter battle, these two rappers don’t appear to be squashing their beef anytime soon.

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