‘Southern Charm New Orleans’: Tamica Is ‘Done’ With Reagan After She Makes Barry’s Fashion Show About Her

There's trouble down in NOLA! Tamica Lee reaches her last straw with Reagan Charleston in this sneak peak of 'Southern Charm New Orleans!'

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Image Credit: Bravo

The pending blowout between Reagan Charleston and Tamica Lee continues to heat up on Southern Charm New Orleans! In an EXCLUSIVE clip of Sunday night’s episode, Tamica and Reagan come face to face at Barry Smith’s fashion show. Tamica is set off immediately when Reagan tells the girls that she needs their help with her wedding, saying, “I’m so spread thin already.” “Tamica 2.0 has been quiet with the fashion show, Tamica 2.0 can be quiet with Reagan right now,” the TV says in her confessional. “I’m just keeping it all in. She’s in there… trying to stay quiet.”

After the ladies nodded along, Rachel complimented Tamica on her husband’s fashion show. However, Reagan jumped in to say that she spoke to one of the designers and he’s going to “do her dress.” “She’s coming to Barry’s fashion show, and it’s only to talk about her wedding!” Tamica says in her confessional, absolutely dumbfounded. “Get a clue. Not about you, it’s Barry’s night.” Her friend Rachel jumped into the convo and ask Reagan why she was alone at the event and not with her new fiancé, Reece Thomas. “Reece had work stuff, he wanted to be here,” Reagan said before leaving the event.

“I am actively making an effort,” Tamica continued. “I showed up for Reece’s birthday, it was a school night, Barry’s fashion show was super close, we’re stressed out at home, but I show up. This is the last straw, this is not always about Raegan.”

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Tamica about the scene, she admitted that this was the “exact moment” she was “done with Reagan.” “She can’t just pick me up and drop me as a friend when it’s convenient for her. I don’t think she asked one time how I was feeling lately about everything,” she explained. “The conversation was only about Reece’s birthday, the wedding, the baby, etc. — even after I’ve been there for her for everything. This is not my definition of friendship.”

Tune in to see what happens on Southern Charm New Orleans this Sunday at 9 PM ET/PT on Bravo!