Meghan McCain ‘Still Deciding’ If She Wants To Stay On ‘The View’ As ABC Denies Quit Rumors

Rumors that Meghan McCain may quit ‘The View’ are swirling, but ABC is denying that the outspoken conservative is heading out the door anytime soon.

Meghan McCain
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Meghan McCain’s future on The View is uncertain. A source tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she is “still deciding” about whether or not she’ll be returning for the new season. “She would like to but she wants to be respected and wants the leaks to stop,” our source reveals. Meghan became a hot topic on July 3 after a new report by The Daily Beast claimed that the 34-year-old was thinking of quitting the show. The conservative co-host is “feeling like a caged animal,” a source told the outlet about Meghan, who is said to be feeling “exhausted and defeated” following a series of leaked stories that paint her in a negative light.

A source reveals to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that many of the behind-the-scenes people working on The View are liberal and Meghan thinks they are “upset with her political views for personal reasons.” She just wants her “views to be respected” and is also “concerned that there is too much leaking” going on. However, another source close tells HollywoodLife, “She was hired knowing her political views, all of the co-hosts have different opinions, so it’s just not true that some of the producers are upset with her political views for personal reasons.”  The source also adds, “The crew who work with the show directly are both Republican, Democrat, or other. The show has a very diverse political landscape, especially in the producing team.”

The daughter of the late Sen. John McCain frequently gets into on-air spats with her more liberal colleague Joy Behar, 76, which has prompted social media backlash. There have also been a string of stories that have portrayed her as allegedly difficult behind the scenes. Our source with knowledge of the situation tells HollywoodLife that Meghan feels that what she says often “gets blown out of proportion” and that “sound bites misrepresent her,” specifically what she said about the Democratic candidates speaking Spanish during the June 26 debate. Meghan “didn’t think there was too much Spanish, she just wanted subtitles but sound bites made her sound like she was against them speaking Spanish,” our source reveals.

But ABC is denying reports that Meghan – who sits at the table alongside Joy, Whoopi Goldberg, 63, Sunny Hostin, 50, and fellow conservative Abby Huntsman, 33 – is planning on leaving the hit show. “The co-hosts and The View have had an incredible season and we expect them all back for an epic year ahead,” a spokesperson for the network tells HollywoodLife. Another source close to the show tells HollywoodLife, “The show needs people from different backgrounds and different opinions and Meghan is fantastic on the show.”

Meghan’s passionate debates with her liberal co-hosts – especially Joy and Sunny – have led to some of their most heated arguments trending on Twitter. On June 25, fans of the show slammed her after she blasted the characterization of the migrant detention centers as “torture facilities.” “Yes, it’s inhumane, but there is a big difference between the Hanoi Hilton and what’s happening at the border right now,” Meghan said, drawing a comparison to the torture that her dad, Sen. McCain, experienced as a POW in Vietnam. She was also slammed on June 19 for calling Joy a “b*tch” during a heated argument about a Trump rally. Meghan later joked that they “call each other” that name all the time.

Joy squashed reports that they’re feuding, telling The Daily Beast, “We get along fine.” The comedian added, “We’ve had big fights over the last couple of years on the air, but basically she’s very strong in her position, and I’m very strong in my position, and we fight, we argue. So what?” HollywoodLife has reached out to Meghan’s rep for comment, but we’ve yet to receive a response.

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