‘RHOBH’: Lisa Rinna Confronts Camille Grammer Over ‘Mean Girl’ Allegations In Finale Sneak Peek

Who's the real 'mean girl'? That's what Camille Grammer wants to figure out in a dramatic confrontation between her and Lisa Rinna, which will air in the Season 9 finale of 'RHOBH'!

Camille Grammer, Lisa Rinna
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Image Credit: Bravo

Camille Grammer, 50, and Lisa Rinna, 55, come head-to-head in the Season 9 finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which airs on July 2. Bravo released a teaser of this heated exchange, which goes down at a party that Kyle Richards, 50, throws. When Camille enters the room, she and Lisa are obviously not pleased to see one another, and they later air out the tension! “I did not come after you. I was honest with you,” Lisa tells Camille in the clip below, although the Melrose Place star doesn’t specify what previous conversation she’s referring to. However, in the last episode of RHOBH, Lisa scolded Camille for letting Lisa Vanderpump, 58, “off the hook” after the restaurant entrepreneur took a rain check on Camille’s wedding with David C. Meyer in Oct. 2018. At that same dinner, the pile-on continued as Dorit Kemsley, 42, confronted Camille for gossiping behind her back with Lisa R.

After hearing Lisa defend herself in the sneak peek clip, Camille escalates the confrontation by snapping back, “How disgusting are you?” Getting defensive, Lisa says, “You know what.” She’s cut off by Camille, who adds, “So let’s figure out who the mean girl really is.”

Enter Teddi Jo Mellencamp, 38, who Camille is also not too happy with. “And when I found out you snubbed my daughter, I was disgusted,” Camille tells the accountability coach, who shoots back, “You know I’d never snub your daughter.” Teddi also addressed this drama in a June 4 blog post for Bravo, in which she claimed that she would “never intentionally be rude or dismissive to anybody’s child.” Camille had accused Teddi of not acknowledging her daughter Mason, 17, at the airport following Camille’s Hawaii nuptials.

You can watch the rest of the teaser above — even queen of neutrality Denise Richards, 48, gets catty with Camille! In her blog post for Bravo on June 25, Camille had already let fans know that she was stressing over her co-stars’ “snarkiness,” writing, “Reliving the loss of my home was devastating. But what was also distressing was experiencing the snarkiness of the ladies led by ‘Instigator-in-Chief’ Lisa Rinna and; Chief Medical Officer’ Dr. Arroyave.”

She also addressed that climatic dinner in the June 25 episode of RHOBH: “The pretext for their snarky behavior is equally baffling—my empathy for their former best friend, Lisa Vanderpump. Empathy is apparently still in short supply in the Puppygate Girl Gang as the dinner following the Beverly Beach debut at Kitson turned into a ‘take Camille to task’ outing. They must have sensed weakness after I vented about ‘dude coping’ and my post-fire ordeals from our previous dinner, because I walked into an ambush.”

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