‘The Amazing Race’ Finale Recap: The Winner Of Season 31 Is Revealed

Four teams are left on the finale of 'The Amazing Race,' but only one pair will cross the finish line first and take home the $1 million prize!

the amazing race season 31
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The four teams left on The Amazing Race season 31 finale are: Colin Guinn and Christie Woods, Tyler Oakley and Korey KuhlLeo Temory and Jamal Zadran and Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo. The three previous teams who previously played The Amazing Race (Colin/Christie, Tyler/Korey and Leo/Jamal) are gunning to get Big Brother alums, Victor and Nicole, out of the game as soon as possible. However, when the teams depart Amsterdam to head to London, they’re on an evening playing field, as they all end up on the same flight.

The teams have to take a helicopter ride to a castle after arriving in London. The Road Block requires the players to correctly crack a code. Leo and Jamal arrive first, followed by Colin and Christie, then Nicole/Victor and finally Korey/Tyler. Leo finishes the Road Block first (and fast)! Meanwhile, Christie and Korey help each other through the challenge, while Victor is left to fend for himself. Victor finishes second, and Korey is right behind him. Korey tries to quickly tell Christie what to do, but she struggles and falls behind.

After another helicopter ride and a speedboat trip, the teams have to find a ‘golden queen’ to get their next clue. At the Detour, the players have the choice to memorize a difficult cab route or row a 200 meter course in under a minute. As Christie finally completes the Road Block, Leo/Jamal attempt the rowing Detour. They struggle immediately, though, and quickly switch over to the taxi challenge, which also proves to be super difficult. Meanwhile, Nicole/Victor and Tyler/Korey both choose the rowing. Eventually, Christie and Colin arrive and pick rowing, too. After awhile, Tyler/Korey switch Detours, as do Nicole/Victor.

Finally, Leo/Jamal arrive at the Pit Stop, where they have to find a series of items around a market before checking in. Tyler/Korey show up next, followed by Colin/Christie, and finally, Nicole/Victor. Leo and Jamal win the leg, with Tyler and Korey coming in second, and Colin/Christie in a come-from-behind third place. Unfortunately, that means Nicole and Victor are eliminated ahead of the final leg.

Next, the final three teams fly back to the United States, and pick up their next clue in Detroit. At the Road Block, players have to propel 500 feet down a building, and memorize a series of numbers on the way down to open a vault. Leo finishes first, but struggles to figure out how to physically open the vault. Colin is the first one to get it open, but he and Christie lose track of their taxi. Tyler finishes second, and he and Korey are on their way before Colin and Christie even find their cab.

The next challenge requires players to partake in some Fowling (knocking down bowling pins with a football). Tyler and Korey finish first, followed by Colin and Christie, while Leo is still back at the Road Block trying to figure out how to open the vault. Tyler/Korey and Colin/Christie are already at the next challenge by the time Leo finally finishes and he and Jamal get on their way.

Next, the teams have to learn how to produce vinyl records, then correctly make five of them. Colin and Christie do so on their first try, with Tyler and Korey not far behind. At the next destination, the teams have to assemble a five-piece drum set. Colin/Christie and Tyler/Korey are neck-in-neck, but both teams continue missing tiny details in the assembly process, and the competition gets very intense.

Finally, Colin and Christie figure it out, and they’re off to the finish line, but Tyler and Korey are RIGHT on their heels. So, it all comes down to a taxi ride. Colin and Christie are the first to finish, and they’re excitedly greeted by all the teams who have been eliminated so far. Tyler and Korey are close behind in second place, while Leo and Jamal come in third.

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