‘AGT’ Recap: An Australian Dancer Shocks The Judges By Pushing The Golden Buzzer For Himself

The June 25 episode of 'America's Got Talent' featured an unconventional Golden Buzzer pick like we've never seen before! Plus, tons of other acts move the judges.

The auditions continue on the June 25 episode of America’s Got Talent. First up is married duo Nick, an opera singer, and Lindsay Williams, a violinist. The performance starts off as a musical act, with Simon Cowell pressing his buzzer in rejection almost immediately. Halfway through, though, Lindsay begins tossing sharp objects at a wooden board behind her husband while he continues his song. Even while blindfolded and throwing the blade with her foot, she manages to hit her target. Simon gives the duo a ‘no,’ but Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough all say ‘yes’ for Nick and Lindsay to move on.

Up next, are best friend dancers Izzy, 11, and Easton, 14. They perform an emotional contemporary routine and it’s absolutely spectacular. The judges are blown away, and it’s no surprise that they get four ‘yes’ votes to move on. The next act is Lamont Landers, a musician who turned to music during the loneliest years of his life after his parents got divorced. He sings “Let’s Stay Together,” but Simon interrupts him fairly quickly and asks him to come back later with another song. Lamont gives him a hard time, and Simon lets him know, “You’re getting on my nerves.” He leaves the stage, and admits he still has to think over whether or not he’ll come back.

In just a couple of hours, Lamont puts together a new performance, and this time, he impresses the judges. Simon even gives him a standing ovation, and all four judges give it a yes. An act name Death is up next. He claims his dad is God and his mom is Mother Nature. His standup routine is quite strange, and Simon, unsurprisingly, buzzes him for an automatic ‘no.’ Julianne follows suit, as do Gabrielle and Howie, and Death is headed home.

Next, a choir from South Africa takes the stage. They are made up mostly of orphans whose parents have died due to difficulties in their city. Their performance and inspiring stories leave the judges with huge smiles on their faces, and it’s no surprise that they unanimously get voted through.

Up next are Italian psychologists, who came up with a virtual reality software that aids mental health and helps people face their fears. Howie is known for having quite a few fears, so the guys invite him up onstage to use their product. Howie completes the task at hand and overcomes his fears, and the judges are super impressed and entertained — so it’s a four ‘yes’ vote!

Emanne Beasha, a 10-year-old opera singer, is up next. Her powerful voice is well beyond her years, and the judges are totally moved and blown away by her performance. She receives rave reviews and gets four ‘yes’ votes to move on. The next performance is from Lucas and his childhood dog, Falco, who do some “K-9 freestyle.” Their tricks are definitely impressive, and the routine is so fun. The judges are so entertained, and they give four yeses to the duo.

Next up is Verba Shadow, a 3D theatre group from Ukraine. Their incredible performance tells an unbelievably moving story, and the judges are left in awe. They get a standing ovation from all four stars, and unsurprisingly, they’re voted through.

The final performance of the night is from Ben Trigger, a dancer from Australia. Ben has struggled to find success in the dance industry because he doesn’t fit the stereotypical look of a dancer. After years of pushing it to the limit while trying to perfect his craft, he dislocated his knee, and had to take three years off from dance. He wound up moving home and taking a “dead end job,” which is where he’s been for the last seven years.

Ben is ready to return to dance, though, and he delivers an insanely high-energy, albeit bizarre, routine. When he lays across the judges table at the end, he winds up pushing the Golden Buzzer for himself, and the crowd goes wild. Despite the strange routine, the judge can’t deny that Ben is hilarious, and they give him four yeses (no, the Golden Buzzer does not count, so Julianne still has her push left)!

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