‘sMothered’: Sandra, 44, & Daughter Mariah, 20, Reveal Why They’re Fine Not Having ‘Many Friends’

TLC's new show 'sMothered' explores extreme mother-daughter bonds, and the show's stars, Sandra and Mariah, tell us why they're fine being each other's best friends.

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Image Credit: TLC

Having a healthy mother-daughter bond is always great, but on TLC’s new show, sMothered, which airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT, it explores relationships that have been taken to the extreme in closeness. HollywoodLife.com talked to the show’s Sandra, 44, and her 20-year-old daughter Mariah who TLC describes as “BFFs who do everything together, including partying, double dating and even getting plastic surgery. Mariah’s desire for her mother to have more fun in life causes Sandra to push the limits of traditional mom behavior.”

The pair don’t have a circle of friends because all they need is each other. Mariah tells us EXCLUSIVELY that “We don’t have many friends. Our friends is right here (points to her mom and herself). This is our unit,” while Sandra adds, “We’re social in the otter world but when it comes to our space, our home space, it’s just us. We don’t really miss anybody.” Mariah says that, “We just get each other so we just stick with each other.”

Sandra is so proud of her relationship with Mariah and that’s why they agreed to do the show. She say “I just thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to share the most amazing experience in my life and the biggest accomplishment ever. Besides careers and all of that, my biggest accomplishment is my daughter,” and that they’ve been close “Since she was in the womb.”

Mariah tells us that they “talk about everything together,” and yes that includes sex. She says that she called her mom right away after her first sexual encounter.  Sandra raised Mariah to be her best friend and the two wouldn’t have it any other way. She reveals “We make each other laugh. I’d rather talk to her than anybody else in the world. She’s hilarious. With anything! With any job issues, with any legal matter — Anything.” Mariah adds, “She raised her best friend. She raised me to be this way so that’s all I’ll ever know. I’m happy about it, but that’s all it is.”