Kate Beckinsale, 45, Does Squats On A Toilet Seat In The Gym In Hilarious Weight-Lifting Video – Watch

Kate Beckinsale gave fans an inside scoop into her workout after showing off her gorgeous athleisure yesterday.

Kate Beckinsale
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Kate Beckinsale, 45, delivered on what we’ve wanted for weeks – another workout video! Kate posted a hilarious gym video of her doing squats above a toilet seat – after we caught a glimpse of her gorgeous workout outfit on the same day. The clip showed her in her Nike high-waisted mesh leggings and sports bra, along with black sneakers, and literally squatting over a toilet.

The actress added a reference to her trainer in the caption of the video. “What sets @gunnarfitness apart from other trainers is not just the fact he’ll suddenly install a loo under the squat rack to entertain himself but it is a portion of it,” she said. Of course, Kate called the “toilet” a “loo” since she’s from across the pond.

Fans commented on her funny video on Instagram, loving the little addition to the gym. “How you could do that with a straight face,” one person said. “Very impressive…..or disturbing.” Another person commented, “You’re hilarious @katebeckinsale , thanks for the laughs 😘.”

HollywoodLife heard from a source close to Kate how she keeps up her youthful look in her mid-40s. “Kate did one thing that was extremely smart when she was younger, she protected her skin and never allowed herself to get sun burned nearly ever,” the source said.

“Plus she also drinks an amazing amount of water, she is always keeping hydrated,” our insider added. “Simple things like that and always working out and maintaining a routine of running and doing the normal things people do in the gym by using light weights and crunches and push ups has really continuously kept her in shape. Plus she is blessed with incredible genes and that is something none of us can control and only only hope for.”

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