Robert Pattinson’s Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse Trips & Falls Down Stairs At London’s Annabel’s — Oh No

Suki Waterhouse's steady foot on the runway didn't help her as she descended the stairs outside a London club! Granted, it was one in the morning.

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Suki Waterhouse
Image Credit: Splash News

Get Pitbull in here — we’re yelling timber! Suki Waterhouse, 27, proved that not even a smart choice in footwear (mules) is safe from an occasional tumble down the stairs. That’s exactly what happened as she exited Annabel’s, a London hotspot, at 1:00 a.m. on June 20. Thankfully, her navy blue pantsuit ensured no wardrobe malfunctions accompanied the fall — that and the quick reflexes of her two security detail, who hoisted the model back onto her feet. We must point out that the security men did all this while dressed in snazzy suits themselves! Suki appeared to get a laugh out of the tumble, as the Pokémon Detective Pikachu star couldn’t stop smiling as she climbed back into her vehicle.

Too bad Robert Pattinson, 33, couldn’t offer his girlfriend a helping hand! He and Suki recently made headlines for reportedly enjoying a double date with fellow “It” couple Taylor Swift, 29, and the pop star’s boyfriend Joe Alwyn, 28. The foursome enjoyed one another’s company at San Vincente Bungalows in Hollywood on June 1, an eyewitness told Us Weekly!

However, we didn’t need a discreet onlooker to know that Robert and Suki were still going strong on May 13. It was Rob’s 33rd birthday, and the lovers were photographed cuddling on a couch at Chateau Marmont, a West Hollywood cocktail bar. The intimate moment gave the public a rare glimpse at Robert and Suki’s romance, as they’re rarely pictured together. Before the couch date, Robert and Suki were last seen holding hands and running in West London on Jan. 27 (there was no tripping that time).

Suki Waterhouse
Ouch! Suki Waterhouse trips down the stairs outside of Annabel’s in London at 1:00 a.m. on June 20, 2019. (Splash News)
Suki Waterhouse
Suki Waterhouse regains her composure after falling down the stairs, thanks to her dutiful security detail. (Splash News)

It’s easy to see why Suki and Robert weren’t together at Annabel’s for this Thursday night outing — both have a lot on their plate! Suki just walked on Moschino’s spooky-themed runway on June 7. Meanwhile, Robert is gearing up to take on one of the biggest roles in his film career: Batman! As for why he accepted a role outside his usual realm of indie movies, a source close to Robert EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife, “He wants to be an actor first in people’s eyes and, now that he is older and done so many independent parts, he is at a place where he can manage things better.”

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