Lee Hyun Resurfaces In Rare Photo With BTS’ Jin & Suga On Fishing Trip & Fans Go Wild

He's back! Lee Hyun made a surprising appearance on social media in a new photo that has loyal fans very excited. The singer went fishing with BTS members, Jin and Suga and the photo is epic!

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Lee Hyun
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Image Credit: KOCOWA TV/Youtube

Lee Hyun, 35, Jin, 26, and Suga, 26, are the talk of Twitter after they posed for a photo while on a recent fishing trip together! The performers united on a boat dock for a day on the water together. Many fans were surprised to see Lee Hyun with the two BTS stars, as it’s been a while since they had spent time together. However, once fans identified that it was indeed, Lee Hyun in the group photo, they were thrilled!

“IT HASN’T EVEN BEEN AN HOUR AND LEE HYUN IS ALREADY TRENDING,” one fan wrote on Twitter after the photo surfaced. “Lee Hyun over here attacking my heart,” another dedicated fan tweeted. One fan expressed their love for the Army, along with Lee Hyun writing: “I should’ve joined twitter years ago. Army has me cracking up every morning to see the most random trending Big Hit Scarecrow Threesome, WE MISSED YOU, and Lee Hyun.”

The photo gained so much attention that Lee Hyun began trending on Twitter, along with “Big Hit Scarecrow Threesome”. Fans of the three stars will know that they’re all signed to the same label, Big Hit Entertainment. Lee Hyun is a solo artist, while Jin and Suga are part of BTS.

All three South Korean sensations rocked shades, matching hats and different athletic wear. It’s unclear when the outing took place, as some fans are saying the fishing trip happened nearly 10 days prior to when the photo began trending on June 20.

Lee Hyun has spoken about his special relationship with BTS, along with his friendship with Jin in particular. “The members [of BTS] I can say I’m close to are Jimin and Jin,” the singer said on MBC’s Radio Star broadcast back in October 2018. He mentioned that “even breathing the same air [as BTS] is an honor.”

Radio host Kim Gura went on to say that for Lee Hyun, communicating with BTS could be difficult because the group garnered more fame then him at an earlier age. While Lee Hyun agreed, he noted that Jin was always the one to break the ice, and that BTS are just like friends to him.

“When Jin comes by, he’ll take my phone and take a selfie with it. Giving it back, he’ll say, ‘Look at it when you need a pick-me-up,’” Lee Hyun said during the broadcast. He went on to explain the first time he saw the more playful side of Jin. “BTS came for a recording, and the other members were extremely tired, as they had just come back after finishing their schedule for the day,” he recalled. “But Jin came up to me and said, ‘Hyung, how does it feel? To be recording with world stars?’ It’s actually more comfortable [if they joke like that]. He’ll say things like, Hyung, how does it feel? To look at a handsome face?’ Jin is really good at saying things like that in a way that’s not off-putting.”