‘Good Trouble’ EP Reveals ‘New Paths’ For Callie Are Ahead & There’s A ‘Big Surprise’ Coming Up

'Good Trouble' is back for season 2 and better than ever. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with EP and co-creator Brad Bredeweg about what's coming up for Callie, Mariana, and more after the premiere.

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Freeform’s The Fosters spinoff Good Trouble debuted in Jan. 2019 and became one of the best new shows of 2019. The show returned for season 2 and picked up right where we left off at the end of season 1. During the season 2 premiere, the officer responsible for Jamal Thompson’s death was found not liable. After the trial was over, Malika made a decision that will have an effect on Callie’s career.

Jamie also said “I love you” to Callie, who didn’t say it back. Just before that moment, Callie kissed Gael. Gael pushed Callie away and told Callie she needed to make up her mind. Mariana and Raj turned up the heat in their relationship, as did Alice and Joey. Dennis came home from the hospital and Davia was right by his side supporting him. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with executive producer and co-creator Bradley Bredeweg about where the show’s headed over the rest of season 2.

Malika takes Callie’s key card at the end of the premiere after the Jamal Thompson case reaches a verdict. What does she plan to do?
Brad Bredeweg:
Malika’s just at this place where it’s time to use her own voice and I just think she needs to get that voice out. She kind of takes a little bit of a desperate measure, obviously, but it’s just really important for her to make her peace and say her peace and just get in front of someone who has the power of authority for her to just stand there and speak her truth. And that’s what she decides to do.

How is this going to impact Callie’s career? 
Brad Bredeweg: It’s impactful in such a huge way, and without giving away too much, you will find out in episode 2 exactly how her career takes a huge impact and what’s next for her. It does expose a lot of new paths for Callie.

In the premiere, Callie kisses Gael. Is she going to be struggling with her feelings for him this season or will she make her relationship with Jamie a priority?
Brad Bredeweg: We ended season 1 with who is she going to choose? What’s the choice? What’s best for her? In season 2, Callie really does make a decision and does focus on that decision. Jamie is a big part of season 2 and a big part of her world, so I would say it really does shift into… I don’t want to say a more grown-up relationship but I think she does make a wise choice for herself, at least for the time being.

I love both of those relationships. I think a lot of Callie’s relationship with Gael is fueled by passion, but I can never choose between Gael and Jamie.
Brad Bredeweg:
I think that’s what’s so great about this triangle. Passion is always so important in any relationship as well, do you know what I mean? So I understand why Callie is so torn. And that’s not to say she won’t find passion with Jamie, but it’s just right there on the surface with Gael.

Mariana and Raj are now in a relationship. How is that going to impact them as co-workers?
Brad Bredeweg:
It’s obviously very complicated. Especially in this day and age, a lot of companies don’t encourage that for legal reasons as we know. At the same time, Mariana has true feelings for him and he has true feelings for her. I think it’s a really interesting conversation nowadays. You spend a bulk of your life at work, especially in this country, and sometimes you can’t help but fall in love with a co-worker. I think it’s a really interesting story and dilemma for Mariana, but she truly does have feelings for that guy because he’s a wonderful gentleman.

Last season, Mariana really took a stand in exposing the pay gap at Spekulate. What’s the atmosphere at work going to be like this season after that?
Brad Bredeweg:
It really does expose a lot of really important conversations at work and she’s becoming closer and closer with her boss. She has a real path to have these important conversations with him that he might have been kind of blind to because he was so stuck in his own world and focused on growing the company and not necessarily focused on equality within the system. So Mariana, as you know, is a fighter. She has a very loud voice and is determined to make a difference and we’re going to see a lot of that in season 2.

With Dennis and Davia, are you going to be exploring a romantic relationship with them this season? 
Brad Bredeweg: Ish… I would say that Dennis has a lot to grapple with right now. He’s got a lot that’s bubbling to the surface that he put away and bottled up. That’s the very reason he moved into the Coterie, so he didn’t have to deal with that tragedy in his life. Davia has a really strong presence in his life at this moment in time to help him unbottle all of that. Now when you’re that intimately involved with a friend and you’re that raw around each other, then sometimes other feelings start to connect. That’s what I love about this relationship. It’s incredibly complicated but it’s more about the human condition and what we do to kind of closet some of our feelings when really we should be dealing with those before we step into a relationship. That’s really what Dennis represents.

So we’re going to unpack a lot more with him? 
Brad Bredeweg: Absolutely. He’s really going to start looking at that tragic moment in his life and try to deal with those incredibly difficult feelings.

Will we see Jeff again?
Brad Bredeweg:
We are going to see Jeff again. Davia’s grown up right before our eyes. She’s really stepping into her own and becoming this incredibly outspoken, powerful woman so I think Jeff represents what is a big part of her past and the choices that she has to make to step into her future.

What about Alice and Joey? 
Brad Bredeweg: I would say season 2 is really about our characters really finding their voice. As you know, Alice is kind stepping into a brand-new life for herself now that she’s come out to her parents and she’s finding this passion in her to become a stand-up comic. So Joey’s a foot in the past and a foot in the future for her. I think she’s torn in terms of, like, do I really want to spread my wings and not tie myself down at this moment in time? Or should I deny these incredible feelings I have for Joey? Joey has sort of been there and done that. She’s been out for a very long time. She says to Alice that she would prefer to be called they/them so now we refer to Joey as they/them and Alice is sort of grappling with that a little bit because that’s brand-new for her and she’s never been exposed to that necessarily and she does have feelings for them. I think it’s a really beautiful, complicated journey for Alice this season.

Will see more characters from The Fosters this season? 
Brad Bredeweg: In the first half of the season, there’s one great big surprise in the first half of season 2A. And then in season 2B, I will that there will be more surprises to come along. So you will get a little more Fosters this season for sure.

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