‘RHOBH’ Recap: Erika & Lisa Rinna Shade Lisa Vanderpump — She Was A ‘Dark Cloud’

After Lisa Rinna mocked Lisa Vanderpump's signature Rosé during the June 18 episode of 'RHOBH', Erika revealed how she feels much more 'comfortable' in the group without LVP.

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While in Provence, France — during the June 18 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsErika told her co-stars how much more “comfortable” she now feels in the group, without Lisa Vanderpump hovering over her like a “dark cloud”. During dinner, Erika shared how it took decades for her to find a good group of girlfriends, but even when she finally did (after joining the show), it took her a while to really warm up to them and trust them. “My level of comfort and my level of security and my level of trust [have finally changed],” she admitted to Kyle, Dorit, Teddi and Lisa Rinna.

Kyle told Erika that she had taken notice. Especially after Lisa Vanderpump stopped filming with them. She said, “As our group got smaller — I feel like the trust became… more.”

“Duh,” Erika shot back before adding the following during her private confessional: “I am much more comfortable, because the dark cloud has been removed. When you remove a personality like Lisa Vanderpump, away from a group of women like this, we’ve been able to connect on a much more human level.”

Now, Erika said, “Not a soul in this group is jealous … I don’t feel like anyone in this group is jealous of anyone.” (Watch that scene below.)


Meanwhile, earlier in the episode, Lisa Rinna threw her own shade at Lisa Vanderpump, when she mocked the restauranteur’s signature rosé. The ladies went wine tasting together, and the guy that was hosting the event said he was looking for a distributor to sell his wine. The ladies joked that it would have been cool if one of them was currently selling alcohol and thus, could have helped him out. “Somebody should be selling alcohol in this group,” Lisa said. That’s when Kyle pointed out that Lisa Vanderpump does, but obviously, Lisa stopped filming with the ladies, so she wasn’t there. And in a joking sort of way, Lisa Rinna stepped up to the plate and said she’d take over. “My turn — I’d like to be the new rosé seller,” Lisa Rinna yelled. “Rinna Rosé!”

Then, after making a fake infomercial for her new rosé, Lisa took a jab at LVP and said, “I never really liked [her] rosé anyway, so I’d rather have a better one. I can choose what sort of rosé I like, and I never liked that rosé.” Yikes!


Clearly, a lot of shade was thrown at Lisa Vanderpump this week. We suppose it’s good that she doesn’t watch the show. (Or does she?)

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