Stephen Curry Admits ‘Losing Hurts’ In First Interview After Raptors Win NBA Finals — Watch

Stephen Curry is speaking out after the Warriors' devastating loss to the Raptors in the NBA Finals. He admitted at a press conference that 'losing hurts' but he's 'proud' of the way his team 'fought to the end.'

“Losing hurts no matter what the situation is,” Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, 31, said in a post-game press conference on June 13. “Nobody likes that feeling, whether it’s a Game 7 or Game 6 or what have you. But I’ll echo what Draymond [Green] said. It’s kind of how do you respond and how hard you work to try and get back to the stage. Soak up this feeling because, obviously, we’ve celebrated, we’ve had champagne, we’ve had rings, but this is the more motivating feeling in terms of how do you respond, how do you turn the page to new challenges ahead. We’ll be alright.”

The Golden State Warriors were defeated by the Toronto Raptors in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Klay Thompson, 29, tore his ACL during the third quarter of Game 6, which didn’t help things. The Warriors lost 110 to 114. The Raptors win marks the first time the Canadian team has won an NBA Championship. The Warriors had won the last two NBA Championships and were trying to go for a 3-peat. Despite the heartbreaking loss, Steph had nothing but praise for the Raptors.

“I mean, [it’s a] tough way to go out,” Steph said during the press conference. “Obviously, credit Toronto on a great series. They went out and won it. They played amazing tonight all across the board, they had contributions. And, yeah, it’s a tough feeling being on this side of losing in the Finals.”

The star point guard is already looking ahead to next year and is determined to be back at the Finals next year. “But a lot has been proven about who we are as a team and the fight that we have and all the adversity that we dealt with in this entire playoff run,” he continued. “It’s a one-possession game to keep our season alive tonight. We’ll be thinking about this one. It’s tough but our DNA and who we are the character that we have on this team, I wouldn’t bet against us being back on this stage next year and going forward. I’m proud of the way we fought to the end. This 5-year run has been awesome, but I definitely don’t think it’s over.”

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