‘RHOBH’ Camille Grammer Claps Back At Kyle Richards: Implies Reunion Would Have Been Dull Without Her

After Kyle Richards dissed Camille Grammer's actions during the 'RHOBH' reunion, she says she helped save the taping since Lisa Vanderpump was a no-show.

Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards
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Image Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Camille Grammer is giving Kyle Richards a friendly reminder that she helped save the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season nine reunion taping after Lisa Vanderpump refused to attend. The 50-year-old is pissed off at comments that Kyle, 50, made during a stop by Jenny McCarthy‘s SiriusXM radio show where she dissed Camille’s reunion appearance. Kyle pretty much called her two-faced for saying different things to different people and changing her mind all the time and Camille isn’t having it.

On June 14 she responded to a Twitter clip of Kyle going in on her on Jenny’s show and wrote “When LVP stopped filming with the ladies I was asked to step up to the plate so to speak. I hope Kyle appreciates the fact I showed up to the reunion, if I hadn’t what would’ve happened?” Since Camille wasn’t a full cast member, she wasn’t obligated to attend but she did her part for the sake of the show. And according to Andy Cohen, she brought some much needed drama to the reunion, which was needed because Lisa didn’t attend and subsequently quit the show.

Camille responded to Kyle calling her out for flip-flopping during the reunion taping. Kyle told Jenny, “I mean, she came in guns blazing. The thing is with Camille…and I did everything  I could not to argue with her because we’ve made so much progress over these ten years, nine years since we had our fight season one. But the thing is if you’re going to think something and feel something, you’ve gotta have some conviction,” she dished.

“You can’t change your mind every time someone walks into a room. She just says whatever the person she’s talking to wants to hear, so you don’t know what she’s really thinking and feeling and I said that. I said that to her face. She’s a people pleaser, she’s scared of the backlash so she says whatever. I’m like ‘you do know there’s cameras rolling and this is going to play back and you can’t say different things,'” Kyle continued.

Camille reportedly stormed offstage during the reunion after being confronted by the ladies for talking behind their backs during season nine. Our own source EXCLUSIVELY revealed that, “The biggest drama [at the reunion] revolved around Camille Grammer. She got chewed out by all of the ladies, as they all feel she has been straddling the line and playing both sides. She’ll say one thing to your face and go around and say something negative about you to someone else and she was called out on it hard.”

Camille left the show in 2012 after two seasons but returned in a friend role for seasons 8 and 9. It was especially needed this past season as Lisa refused to film with the rest of the cast after the “puppygate” scandal. Andy Cohen hinted that Camille was adding some serious drama to the reunion taping while doing an Instagram live session on the June 5 taping day, saying “There’s major things happening. There’s trouble afoot in Beverly Hills. You know who is here? Camille,” adding she was “back to season 1 shrugging Camille.”

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