Klay Thompson Suffers Gruesome Leg Injury In Game 6 Before Miraculously Getting Back On Court

What is Klay Thompson made of? The Golden State Warriors star seemed to blow out his knee during Game 6 of the NBA Finals, but he returned to the court to take his free throws – and he made them both!

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Image Credit: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

Seriously, someone needs to see if Klay Thompson, 29, is human or not. After watching Kevin Durant go down during Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals, every single NBA fan was on the edge of their seat when Klay came crashing down during the third quarter of Game 6 on June 13. As Klay was driving the ball home to the basket, he collided mid-air with Toronto Raptors star Danny Green, 31. Klay writhed in pain while gripping his left knee, leading many to fear the worst. Did Klay just blow out his ACL during a pivotal moment in the NBA Championship? Would he be done for the night?

Apparently not! After Klay was carried off the court, he was walking towards the locker room when he turned around. ” “Hell No! I’m not going out like this!” he said, according to Stephen A. Smith. As Klay walked back out on the court, The Oracle Arena in Oakland exploded in a massive roar. All fans – of both the Dubs and the Raptors – were ecstatic to see Klay back on his feet, and they were absolutely shocked at what happened next: Klay walked up to the line to shoot his free throws (which he was granted after the refs called foul on Danny Green’s block.) Klay, who seconds earlier looked like he couldn’t even stand, made both free throws. As the second ball sunk into the basket, the entire Dub Nation went crazy.

However, after seeing what happened to Kevin Durant, the officials weren’t going to risk Klay’s health. Following his free throws, he was taken out the game. He was later seen jumping up and down in the Warriors’ locker room. His father was on hand to ask if Klay had heard anything pop when he landed on his left leg. Klay said twice that he didn’t hear anything pop. So, initial signs are positive, but Klay is done. He was seen using crutches after leaving the court. (Update 7/14/29: It’s confirmed: Klay has a torn ACL in his knee.) As for Danny Green, Klay acknowledged that there was nothing intentional in the Raptors star’s block. That’s just how basketball goes sometimes.


And sometimes, basketball goes horribly wrong. Before Kevin suited up for Game 5 of the NBA Finals on June 10, Kevin Durant had been on the shelf for over a month with a strained calf. With the Warriors down 3-1 in the Best-of-Seven series, there was pressure on KD to come back and help save their championship dreams. For the first quarter, Kevin looked completely healthy, but in the second quarter, all hell broke loose. Kevin’s Achilles tendon ruptured after he landed hard on his right leg. KD was carried off the court, and a few days later, he underwent surgery to repair the damaged muscle.

“I did rupture my Achilles. Surgery was today, and it was a success, EASY MONEY,” he wrote on Instagram while sharing a picture of him from his hospital bed. “It’s just the way things go in this game, and I’m proud that I gave it all I physically could, and I’m proud my brothers got the W. It’s going to be a journey, but I’m built for this. I’m a hooper. I know my brothers can get this Game 6, and I will be cheering with dub nation while they do it.”

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