BTS’ Jungkook Honored In Band’s New ‘Euphoria’ Video That Shows His Growth Over The Years

BTS' new video for 'Euphoria' is a sweet dedication to their member Jungkook & it has fans all in their feels. After the video was released, many admitted the clip even made them cry!

Someone grab the tissues! BTS new music video is entirely dedicated to Jungkook, 21, and it has fans happy crying. The K-Pop band’s official video for “Euphoria” dropped on June 10 and fans are L-O-V-I-N-G it. The entire clip is chock full of footage of the well-know BTS member, and depicts his journey through the years. From super silly home videos, to no nonsense footage of him putting in work in the studios, the video shed light on all the highs and lows from his musical career.

Needless to say, fans are in their feels after watching the heartfelt clip. They took to Twitter with their reactions just moments after the video was released! “This doesn’t even need a caption iM SOBBING,” one fan wrote in a post. “I’m not crying, you are,” another fan tweeted. “Someone cry with me,” a third fan said. It seemed like every BTS fan connected to the clip in some way. “This song reminds me of the family i’ve lost last year, both of my parents, and the families i’ve gained throughout the journey. It will never be easy going through drastic life changes. Sudden euphorias are always there, even in dark places. Thank you, Jungkook,” one fan even shared. The video even inspired the trending Twitter tag: #JKOurEuphoria.

The epic tribute video was released just three days after the guys dropped a hot new song with Charli XCX entitled “Dream Glow.” The track dropped on June 7 and featured BTS members Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook. “Dream Glow” is set to be a part of the original soundtrack the group is releasing for their new mobile game, BTS World.  With both English and Korean lyrics, it was the perfect song for fans across the globe to dance to!

Be sure to watch the moving tribute video from BTS for yourself, above! The video was just one part of the band’s anniversary ‘Festa’ celebration.


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