Julia Roberts Reveals Someone Told Her She Looked Like A ‘Wildling’ From ‘GOT’: I Should Be On The Throne

Julia Roberts took part in 'Variety's Actors on Actors interview with Patricia Arquette and in it, she opened up about being compared to a 'Game of Thrones' character.

Julia Roberts
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Julia Roberts, 51, has never seen HBO’s Game of Thrones, but according to some people, she sure looks like she could be a part of the cast! The actress spoke about how her looks have been compared to one of the show’s “wildlings” because of her curly hair, in a new Actors on Actors interview with fellow actress Patricia Arquette, 51, for Variety. “I’ve never watched Game of Thrones. But someone just told me a couple days ago, ‘You look like one of the wildings’,” she explained in the interview. “My hair is super curly. This has been professionally done for this occasion, but I was at the beach, and so my hair was telling its own stories.”

In addition to touching base about looking like a character from the popular show, Julia went into details about why she’s never watched the show, which had its series finale last month. The Erin Brockovich star admitted she thinks it was “too scary” and had “maybe too much sex.” Patricia confirmed her statement. “There’s a lot of sex,” she replied. “And there’s zombies and stuff.” “Then it’s for sure not for me,” Julia said.

Julia’s Game of Thrones opinion was brought about after Patricia brought up a fan question that asked her who she thought would get to ultimately sit on the throne in the finale (before it aired). “I’m going to say Barack Obama for $500!” she joked before revealing she had never seen the show and wouldn’t know.“I should be on the throne at the end of Game of Thrones. Me in a massive faux fur.”

Julia sat down for the in-depth Variety interview to promote her new Amazon series Homecoming. She plays a therapist for war veterans in the show, which is a departure from her usual film roles.

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