Wendy Williams’ Son Kevin Hunter Jr.: How He Can Get Charges Dropped After ‘Simple Assault’ Arrest

Kevin Hunter Jr. was arrested for simple assault after getting into a fight with Kevin Sr., but the college freshman may be in the clear if his father decides not to pursue the matter legally.

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Kevin Hunter Jr. Charges
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Wendy Williams’ son Kevin Hunter Jr. was arrested on May 21 for simple assault after a physical altercation with his father, Kevin Hunter Sr. But the 18-year-old may be in luck when it comes to dodging trouble with the law, according to New Jersey state criminal attorney, Yelena Sharova, who spoke EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife. And as we previously reported, Wendy’s estranged husband, Kevin Sr., doesn’t have plans on pursing the matter legally which could mean good news for the son they share, Kevin Jr. “The charges can be dropped if Kevin’s father decides not to move forward,” Sharova explained. “Either in the Family court or the Criminal court.”

We asked Sharova how the college freshman can avoid charges even if Kevin Sr. doesn’t decide to drop the matter. “If his father decides to pursue the matter, Kevin Jr. can negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution or take the matter to trial at which point he will either be convicted or the charges will be dismissed,” Sharova continued. As for what kind of trouble Kevin Jr. could be facing if he’s convicted, she explained, “Fines can go up as high as $1000; the maximum jail term is 6 months; as well as possible probation and restitution to the victim (for example – medical bills of the victim). However, since Kevin Jr. has not been in trouble with the law he could get off much easier. “The punishment depends on the particulars of the facts of the case and the background of the defendant,” Sharova added. “Such as, has Kevin Jr. been arrested in the past? Is this his only aberration with the criminal justice system? Who is the assault committed offense? Etc.”

Kevin Jr. was arrested after he got into a fight with his father when the pair allegedly got into an argument over Kevin Sr.’s demand for spousal support from Wendy after they filed for divorce on April 10. Kevin Sr. reportedly became heated and claimed that his ex was “brainwashing” their son against him. The fight allegedly turned physical, which is when police were called, sources say. HollywoodLife spoke with a representative from the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office who confirmed the arrest of Wendy’s son and said: “I can confirm that Kevin Hunter Jr. was arrested on May 21 in West Orange, NJ. There is an ongoing investigation and right now he’s charged with simple assault. At this point the matter is in the family court, but those proceedings are not open to the public.”

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