BTS: Jungkook & Jimin Break Down In Tears During London Concert & Fans Are Living For it

During their second night playing at London's Wembley Stadium, several members of BTS were so moved by the audience singing 'Young Forever' to them that they broke down weeping.

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There is no band on Earth today that has more adoration from their fans than BTS. The Kpop band’s Army showed up in force for their second sold out show at London’s Wembley Stadium on June 2 and the boys were so moved that several broke down in tears at all of the love that they were shown. The audience broke out spontaneously singing “Young Forever” to them at the close of the  concert and when they did Jimin, 23, and Jungkook, 21, openly wept with so much appreciation for their fans in the audience. Video of the heartfelt moment immediately went viral and started trending on Twitter.

“JUNGKOOK SOBBING IN FRONT OF US AND HOBI COMING TO PICK HIM UP OFF THE FLOOR MY HEART IS IN PIECES,” one fan with nearly a front row seat wrote on video she posted to Twitter of Jungkook bent past his waist while crying, clearly so moved my the moment. Another fan posted a similar video and gushed, “JUNGKOOK LITERALLY BROKE DOWN CRYING INFRONT OF ME.”

For fans who weren’t there in person but saw the viral videos online, they were also so moved that the audience took over the song. “Words can’t even express how happy it made me seeing all these people singing to the one group who have brought us all endless love and smiles,” one person tweeted while another wrote “”Their reaction, so precious they love for us never fade and they are still the same boys from six years ago,” one Army member wrote about the boys’ emotional reactions.

“60k people singing ‘Young Forever’ to the 7 boys who mean more than the world could even imagine, They say Army made BTS but actually they’re the one who made Army” another fan tweeted while another gushed “I have seen many things.. But i have never seen this kind of love between artists and fanbase. We are more than just that… we are a family! And we are here till the end. Together #ARMY #ForeverYoungwithBTS.” It was a truly special moment that fans will never forget.