Drake Trolls Steph Curry By Wearing His Dad Dell’s Raptors Jersey To Game 1 Of NBA Finals

Drake is trying to get into Steph Curry's head during game one of the NBA finals. He showed up wearing one of his dad Dell Curry's autographed jerseys from when he used to play for the Raptors.

Now this is just brutal trolling. Drake has been going hard against other teams that have come up against his beloved Toronto Raptors at home throughout the NBA playoffs. Now that they’re in the finals against the Golden State Warriors, super fan Drizzy has really upped his game. Warriors star Steph Curry‘s dad Dell is a retired NBA player and ended his career with three seasons as a Toronto Raptor. Drake managed to get his hands on one of Dell’s old number 30 Raptor jerseys — an AUTOGRAPHED one at that — and wore it to game one of the NBA finals at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena on May 30. Now that’s hard core.

Dell actually got a laugh out of it. Video surfaced before the game of Drake on the floor talking to someone wearing the jersey, with “Curry” clearly on the back and Dell took one look and let out a grin towards Drizzy. The 32-year-old smiled right back, knowing that Steph’s dad was aware of the trolling.

Drake’s controversial court side antics during the Eastern Conference finals against the Milwaukee Bucks caused NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to talk to the “God’s Plan” singer in hopes that he’ll tone things down in the finals. Drake had a bad habit of getting out of his seat and onto the floor while games were going on and at one point ran over and gave Raptors coach Nick Nurse a shoulder massage while he was trying to coach his team.

In a May 29 interview with Yahoo’s Chris Haynes, Adam said “Obviously there’s some lines that even ‘ambassadors’ shouldn’t cross, and I think in the heat of the moment to give a coach a massage — I think Nick Nurse said after the fact, ‘I didn’t even know.’ How much he’s in the moment, he didn’t even realize that Drake had done that.”

“I think Drake understands that as excited as he is, and appreciative of we are of his support, there’s gotta be lines drawn. And obviously you don’t want to end up touching a coach because the coach may not realize what’s going on in the middle of the action. I think there’s a line too in terms of sitting right on the floor, in terms of engagement whether it’s with the referees and players on other teams. It’s hard to calibrate sometimes exactly where that line is and I think he has a better understanding now of where that line is,” Adam continued.

Adam continued, “And his manager Future [Adel Nur] who sits with him too, we’ve all talked, all of us together, since then. There’s been conversations that’s taken place. It’s more just, let’s find where that right line is.” We’ll find out tonight if the commissioner’s plea for Drake to control himself during the games will work or not.


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