‘RHOBH’: Lisa Rinna Comes Face-To-Face With Kim Richards At Kyle’s Halloween Party

Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards had another go at it during the May 28 episode of 'RHOBH', when Lisa -- dressed as Erika Jayne -- told Kim she was 'cu**y' for returning her bunny.

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Kyle Richards threw an epic Halloween-themed party for her daughter’s 30th birthday, during the May 28 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but things quickly turned sour when Lisa Rinna was ambushed by Kim Richards. While the two crossed paths earlier this season, this was the first time they truly spoke to each other in a really long time — probably since Kim returned Lisa’s bunny during the Season 7 reunion special. And based on Lisa’s behavior at the party, she’s been holding a grudge ever since.

First, when Kim walked into the party, she exchanged pleasantries with Lisa Rinna, but Lisa, who was dressed as Erika Jayne, put on her sunglasses and acted too cool for a hug. Then, when the group of ladies gathered together for a group picture, Lisa stood off to the side and directed her middle finger as her co-stars. Kim felt like it was directed at her, and it probably was because Lisa then started role playing as Erika and told Kim, “You know what? I want to say one thing, Kim. You giving Lisa Rinna that bunny was really c***y. Giving Lisa Rinna that bunny was really c***y.” Kim didn’t really say anything other than how awkward that moment was. “She didn’t need to be crude and rude and disrespectful,” Kim said in a confessional interview.

While discussing the incident a bit later, Denise Richards came in and tried defending Lisa by saying how hurt her feelings were when Kim returned the stuffed bunny. “It’s not a f***ing lie, Kim,” Denise said. “It hurt her feelings. … Let it f***ing go. It wasn’t the best thing to say, no, but it’s not anything to annihilate her [over].” However, since Denise wasn’t there when the bunny return actually happened, Kyle and Kim basically asked her to mind her own business. “They need to let it f***ing go,” Denise said. “Who cares about some fuzzy f***ing bunny?”

Anyway, something that Denise said must have rocked Kim because just a few moments later, she approached Lisa and asked if they could talk one-on-one. Lisa agreed and they both asked for an apology for their past behavior. Lisa agreed that she shouldn’t have called Kim out during the photo-op at the party, and Kim sort of apologized for the bunny incident too. “Let’s just forgive each other, all right?” Kim said. “Let’s see how long we can do this.” They then hugged it out, so there definitely seems to be some hope for them.

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