FaZe Banks Admits To Being ‘Blindsided’ By Tfue’s FaZe Clan Lawsuit: ‘I’ll Never Forgive You For This’

FaZe Clan's COO, FaZe Banks, posted a lengthy video on May 20, in which he addresses Tfue's lawsuit against the company and why he feels so personally betrayed and 'annihilated' by many of the gamer's 'untrue' claims.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

FaZe Banks is absolutely gutted after learning his friendTfue (Turner Tenney), has slapped his company, FaZe Clan, with a lawsuit that accused them of being “grossly oppressive” and claimed they stole 80 percent of his earnings as a pro gamer. FaZe Clan has already denied the allegations in Tfue’s lawsuit, insisting they’ve only collected a total of $60,000 from the 21-year-old, none of which came from his tournament winnings. In a new video, Banks, who is the Chief Operations Officer at FaZe Clan, went into further detail about the specifics of the company’s contract with Tfue, as well as why he feels so distraught on a personal level about this whole situation.

“I thought we were f***ing friends,” Banks said. “I called you my family. I got no heads up, no warning of this. This could’ve easily been handled offline. If this was about making more money than you do now, then we could’ve gotten to that point. I don’t understand. It doesn’t make any sense to me.” Banks admitted that he was filming his video without a script so viewers would be able to see his raw emotion about the situation. He began by specifically disputing some of the claims in Tfue’s lawsuit, the first being that FaZe Clan took money from him.

“I can tell you that $60,000 out of his total amount of money is probably close to .1 percent,” Banks claimed. “$50,000 came from two brand deal that WE bought Turner. We collected 0 percent of prize winnings, 0 on YouTube and Twitch. Nothing. I know that’s basically the biggest issue and I don’t know how else to say it but it’s a bold-faced LIE. It was designed and worded to make people hate us and put pressure on us to let Turner leave his contract. It’s literally heart-wrenching.”

He also addressed Tfue’s claims that FaZe clan “forced or encouraged him to do stunts [that injured him]” and “pressured him into underage drinking.” On the contrary, Banks claimed that Tfue was the one who was constantly asking others to participate in dangerous stunts, and he said it’s “f***ing bulls***” that TFue would claim that he was ‘pressured’ to drink. “You know it and everyone at those parties knows it,” Banks warned.

Banks went onto share the story of how he helped discover TFue and bring him onto the team at FaZe Clan, even spending money out of his own pocket to help him get started. “I have this kid’s name tattooed on my f***ing leg,” he ranted. “Imagine how dumb I feel right now.”

At the end of the day, Banks seems to be most upset about the fact that Tfue completely blindsided him with the lawsuit. “Doesn’t giving someone his opportunity count for anything?” he asked. “A little heads up that you’re about to destroy my f***ing band? Something that my entire life relies on.” He admitted that the entire situation was “bothering [him] to [his] f***ing core,” and told Tfue, “I’ll never forgive you for this. Never.”