50 Cent Drags Rapper Lord Jamar After He Attacks Eminem: ‘I Thought You Died Already’

50 Cent has a new feud to add to his list after slamming Lord Jamar on Instagram for dissing Eminem. It's not pretty, folks.

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Another day, another new 50 Cent feud. 50 Cent is now beefing with rapper Lord Jamar after the Brand Nubian member went off on Eminem in an interview with RapMatic. Lord Jamar said that Slim Shady wasn’t at the top of the rap game anymore, and claimed that nobody listened to his music. He didn’t mince words: “My thing about Eminem and all that, and I hate bringing his f**king name up—my thing about this mothaf**ka is you can’t crown somebody king and circumvent the true kingdom,” he said. “Like, white people will crown Eminem king because he sold the most records out of all rappers. But, when we go into everyday life of black people, people who are the originators of this sh*i, we don’t f**king listen to Eminem.

“We don’t listen to Eminem,” he continued. “If you’re talking about smacking your mother and taking pharmaceutical pills and the sh*t that doesn’t resonate with me, why do I care how good you can rap?” 50 Cent backed Em up by trolling Lord Jamar on Instagram, posting a clip from the interview and a pic of the rapper with the words “clout chasing” under his face. Ouch. He captioned the IG post, “Lord Jerome better sit his ass down, 🤨I thought you died already N****. Get the f**k outta here 🤔you ain’t Grand Puba anyway. I’m gonna need a bum ass n**** in one of my shows. I’ll be reaching out shortly. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac.” He later added in a comment, “That n**** Jerome musta smoked a bad batch. 🤔”.

Eminem hasn’t responded to either dude yet. He and Lord Jamar have feuded for a few years, though, so it’s only a matter of time. Lord Jamar dragged Em in a 2013 VladTV interview, calling him a “guest in the house of hip-hop.” Em finally responded five years later in his Kamikaze track “Fall,” rapping, “And as far as Lord Jamar, you better leave me the hell alone/Or I’ll show you an Elvis clone/Walk up in this house you own.” Lord Jamar said that by responding to him, Eminem shot himself in the foot. “See, I’m a chess player, OK? If he didn’t respond, I win. And if he responds, I win. Either way, I win, OK?”


50 Cent is always embroiled in a feud. There’s the small ones — like insulting Kanye West‘s Sunday Service merch — to the big ones, like whatever went down with Lala Kent and Randall Emmett. And let’s not forget Ray J, Wendy Williams, Teairra Mari, Ja Rule, Meek Mill, and Floyd Mayweather!  Who’s next?

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