Gigi Gorgeous Speaks On Tati Westbrook & James Charles Feud: ‘I Wish I Was Closer Friends With Them’

Gigi Gorgeous is playing catch up in the James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama, but that didn't stop the YouTuber from offering a bit of advice to them.

Everyone’s talking about James Charles, 19, and Tati Westbrook, 37, right now – even YouTubers who work alongside them in the digital space. HollywoodLife caught up with Gigi Gorgeous, 27, and the multi-hyphenate offered her own two cents about the scandal. “I think people can be too harsh and too critical,” Gigi Gorgeous told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the signing of her book, “He Said, She Said: Lessons, Stories, and Mistakes from My Transgender Journey” at Beverly Center in LA.

Gigi continued, “I just wish I would know more to speak on it. Also, I wish I was closer friends [with] them because I just know them in passing. I went to [Tati’s] launch of her Halo Beauty event, which was amazing. I take her supplements every single day. I just know James through mutual friends. No more than that.”

While Gigi said she didn’t know James too well, the two did go shopping together in 2018. It was documented on his Snapchat. It’s possible the two may have had a falling out since then, but if Gigi has more feelings about the current situation, she’s keeping her lips zipped tight. Gigi has had her own experience with public backlash.

“I’ve done a bunch of videos before where people didn’t really agree with the content, but I think if it comes from a place of truth and honesty, my number one thing is nothing fake will ever last too long,” she said. Gigi’s book was released in April 2019, and it covers her experience prior to transitioning, dealing with the death of her mother, and coming to terms with her sexuality and gender identity. We’re so proud of Gigi and how far she has come, and can’t wait to read her book!

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