Teairra Mari Disses 50 Cent With Casting Call For His Look-Alike For Her New Music Video

Teairra Mari isn't backing down from her feud with 50 Cent. The pair have been going at it ever since she lost a revenge porn lawsuit against the rapper and refused to pay him a $30K judgement.

Teairra Mari 50 Cent Look-Alike Music Video
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Teairra Marí, 31, is throwing more shade at 50 Cent, 43. First, she dropped her diss track, “I Ain’t Got It”, which is all about her feud with the “Candy Shop” rapper and why she’s refusing to pay him the $30,000 she owes him for court costs after her failed lawsuit. Now, she’s following it up with a music video — and she’s casting for a 50 Cent lookalike. If that wasn’t bad enough, she added insult to injury on May 15 when she posted a picture to her Instagram page of 50 Cent along with two lookalikes. The similarities between the lookalikes and 50 Cent were hard to miss, but it was their names that made it clear Teairra was being extra shady. The 50 Cent look-alikes were respectively named “49 Cents” and “75 Cents.” Teairra captioned the pic: “One of y’all gonna be in this “I Ain’t Got it” video 1000% Periodttt”

It’s hard to imagine that 50 Cent would ever agree to star in her music video — after all he recently called her a “dirt bag” among other insults — but that didn’t stop Teairra from trying. She made a similar offer back when she dropped her diss track and asked him to “jump on verse” so that she could afford to pay him back.

50 Cent has yet to respond to her latest diss but in the past he’s taken plenty of shots at the former Love & Hip Hop cast-member. He even claimed to have trademarked the line “I Ain’t Got It” and started applying it to t-shirts, bags and other items via his G Unit clothing. He then shared a pic of a shirt to his IG with the caption “Somebody forgot to trademark this, so I’ll just take it you little C-m,” he wrote on April 11. “Look, if she don’t take hers down, I’m gonna sue her.” His threat didn’t do anything to slow down Teairra, who claims she’s now got the trademark for the name of her song.


As entertaining as all this social media shade is, Teairra is still facing legal consequence for her actions. The media relations department at the LA Superior Court EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that Teairra must appear in court by May 22nd and if she fails to do so a bench warrant will be issued for her arrest. As 50 Cent is so fond of saying, the law is the law.

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