Kyle Richards Shades Lisa Vanderpump For Taking Lie Detector Test: ‘Are You Kidding Me?’

Kyle Richards was left baffled after watching Lisa Vanderpump take a lie detector test during the May 14 episode of 'RHOBH' -- all to try and prove her innocence in 'Puppygate'.

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Following the May 14 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, during which Lisa Vanderpump was seen getting prepped to take a lie detector test, Kyle Richards took to Twitter to vent. “Are you kidding me ? NOOOOOO Who goes to these lengths ? Who wrote the questions ? Who ordered the test ? #liedetectortest !!!! 😳,” she wrote on Twitter after the Tuesday evening episode. She, like millions of viewers, couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It’s not yet 100% clear what Lisa will be getting asked, but before the episode faded to black with a “To be continued…”, we saw Lisa get asked whether or not she ever sold a story to RadarOnline, so it seems pretty clear that Lisa’s trying to clear her name in this season’s ongoing drama, which fans have dubbed “Puppygate”.

It looks as though Lisa wants to take an extra step to convince viewers — and her co-stars — that she didn’t sell the story about Dorit Kemsley to RadarOnline. But as Kyle has since pointed out on Twitter, their feud with Lisa isn’t just about the RadarOnline story. “The thing that people don’t get is the Radar story wasn’t the main issue. It’s what happened at Vanderpump dogs & the 2 Johns bringing Lucy out. Lisa & Dorit were close so it hurt. Lisa was most upset about the Radar thing. Not us. We wanted to talk & move on,” she wrote. “Yes Dorit was very upset. But still wanted to move on from that.”

In this week’s episode, Lisa also said that Kyle gave up their friendship, but Kyle begs to differ. She tweeted, “I didn’t give up a friend. I was just was being honest. Lisa is the one that chose to walk away from everyone. [And] I didn’t enjoy throwing Lisa under the bus like she stated. She just didn’t like what I had to say.”

For those who haven’t been following along, Season 9 of RHOBH has focused on something called “Puppygate”, which revolves around the fact that Dorit adopted a dog from her Vanderpump Dogs foundation and handed it off to another family. The dog eventually landed in another shelter, so LVP wasn’t happy about that. Teddi and Kyle then accused Kyle of “setting up” a scenario (bringing Dorit’s dog out on camera and talking about it) to make Dorit look bad. The ladies also accused Lisa of selling a story, which painted Dorit in a bad light, to RadarOnline. Lisa swore up and down that she had nothing to do with either incident, but the ladies don’t believe her. So now, Lisa has taken things into her own hands by taking a lie detector test.

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