John Mayer Finally Sets The Record Straight On Kourtney Kardashian Dating Rumors – Listen

Are Kourtney Kardashian and John Mayer the next big Hollywood couple -- or what? After the singer reportedly flirted heavily with Kourt at a party, John finally came clean about their rumored relationship.

“I actually like the Kardashians,” John Mayer, 41, said while on the May 13 episode of Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM show, Radio Andy, after the host brought up the dating rumors between John and Kourtney Kardashian, 40. “I ran into Kourtney at a party I kinda crashed – it was a GQ party, and I crashed it towards the end, and we’re waiting in the valet and here’s a much better story than the one that was made up about me. Also, I gotta be honest with you. A little suspicious about the origin of the story, not sure the calls not comin’ inside the house on this one.”

“I was in valet, there was like four people waiting to get inside the car…I ran into the bass player of The Scorpions. He said, ‘my name is Klaus,’ or whatever…I don’t think his name was Klaus, but it was close. … and then Kourtney Kardashian walks up. And I said to Kourtney, ‘Kourtney, walk away. He’s the bass player for The Scorpions. He’s gonna try to get you into a video,’ because he was already like, ‘hey Kourtney, come and be in my video.’ … so all I did was save Kourtney Kardashian from being in a video with the bass player from The Scorpions.”

Before revealing how he stopped Kourtney from living out her hair metal video vixen fantasies, John disputed the reported flirting – by saying he would never use such a cheesy line like saying it was “sweet serendipity” that their paths crossed. “The only part that made me upset to any degree was somebody said when I saw Kourtney, that I said ‘it was sweet serendipity running into you.’ Which I would NEVER say, but if you’re getting paid to write this story, if you listen to every John Mayer song and say ‘what’s the next thing he might say’ based on all the lyrics you just read, it might be ‘it was sweet serendipity running into you,’ but I didn’t say that, because that’s hyper-corny.”

While these reports claimed John “crushed hard” on Kourt during the party, a source told EXCLUSIVELY that John and Kourtney “never even interacted inside. … They stood in the same area and breathes the same air, but that’s as close as they ever got.” Still, there might be something there, as Kourtney picked John over Michael B. Jordan, Shawn Mendes and Zac Efron while playing “Who’d You Rather” with Ellen DeGeneres.

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