Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber’s ‘I Don’t Care’ Accused Of ‘Copying’ Cheryl By Fans: ‘Girl You Should Sue’

After the release of 'I Don't Care,' fans seem to think Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran took a little too much 'inspiration' from a throwback song by singer Cheryl.

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Ed Sheeran, 28, and Justin Bieber’s catchy new track “I Don’t Care” is a certified bop, but is it also plagiarism? Fans seem to think so after taking a listen, and are taking to the Twittersphere to say so. After the song dropped on May 10, the internet was flooded with strong opinions about the song, which is seemingly similar to Cheryl’s 2014 hit of the same title. “Conspiracy theory: Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran just sang Cheryl Cole’s “I don’t Care” and re-released it,” one fan wrote in a post.

Cheryl’s dedicated fanbase came out of every far corner of the internet to chime in on the matter. “Hi queen I don’t care by Ed sheeran and Justin Bieber sounds exactly like I don’t care by Cheryl Cole,” one insisted. “The only decent bit of the Ed and Justin song is the I don’t care bit which clearly plagiarized cheryl,” another fan tweeted. “Stream I don’t care by Cheryl instead of streaming this ripped off version by Justin,” a third person pleaded. Some even went as far to suggest Cheryl take legal action! “Girl you should sue Ed Sheeran he copied your song,” one fan said online.

Make no mistake: Justin is well aware of who Cheryl is. His super sleuth fans unearthed a throwback tweet where he once appeared to have a crush on her. “I mean I heard Cheryl just became single…I mean aw cmon!! haha. What sup Cheryl? ;)” he wrote in 2010.

While neither Justin nor Ed have spoken out on the matter, Cheryl herself hasn’t accused either musician of plagiarism. Listen to the pop superstars’ new collab above, and feel free to compare to Cheryl’s throwback hit for yourself.

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