Brad Pitt’s Brother Douglas Spoofs ’Se7en’ Scene Made Famous By His Sibling For Beer Ad — Watch

We love this. Brad Pitt's brother Doug spoofed 'Se7en' in a new advertisement for Mother's Brewing Co.

Doug Pitt, 52, took his own take on the iconic movie from his 55-year-old brother Brad PittSe7en. Doug was featured in a commercial for Mother’s Brewing Co. titled 6ix, which spoofed the 1995 movie in its own take on the last scene. The beer commercial took the scene, basically line-for-line, and Doug stood in for his brother’s character in his version. What’s in the box, Brad’s character wonders. In Doug’s version, all of the drama is due to the beer.

In the commercial, Doug frantically panicked, “Tell me my beer is okay!” The climax of the commercial came when Doug sprayed the kneeling man. “Guess I need to go get another six pack,” Doug concluded his part in the commercial. Additionally, in great attention to detail, at 1:27 in the commercial, an image of someone holding the Doin’ Good beer flashes on the screen. This referenced the quick flash of a white screen with 46-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow’s face in the original movie.

The beer company reveals at the end of the commercial that it “found inspiration for this beer in Springfield’s [Missouri] famous other brother, Doug Pitt, community leader, all-around good guy and founder of Care to Learn.” The text continued, “People like him remind us that doing a little good goes a long way in building strong communities. And when you’re doing good, you’re feeling great.” As for doing good, Mother’s Brewing Co. has promised to give a portion of its sales to charity.

We’re sure Doug had fun being creative with this parody, and it definitely makes us want to get a pack! Great job, Doug.

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