‘World Of Dance’ Champs The Kings Reveal The Sweet Way They Plan To Spend Their $1 Million

The Kings spoke of their parents & homes in India throughout this season of 'World Of Dance,' and now they're showing their appreciation to them in the sweetest way after winning!

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The Kings were clearly incredibly emotional following their major World Of Dance season 3 win on Sunday evening, after receiving three straight 100s from the judges. After they were pronounced World Final champs, The Kings burst into tears and dancer Shijin Ramesh knew they were all thinking the same thing at that moment. “All of our dancers had a dream when we started on the show that they wanted to buy their own houses because most of them stay in rented place with their families,” he explained to HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “Everyone had a dream that someday they would buy a house for their parents and they can stay together. The moment when we won the prize, we all had the same thing in our head that now is the time that we can buy a house for our parents.” Wow.

Shijin added that the $1 million prize converts to approx. $75 million in Indian money, which is a huge amount. “World of Dance gave us this opportunity. Winning this competition has helped us complete our dreams,” he said. The Kings were open about the struggles they faced back home in India as dancers, even from their parents. “When we started about 10 years back, we didn’t use to get support from our families because dancing in India was not supported,” he said. “After achieving a few things, the parents became a very support system and they always boost us and motivate us. So everyone, every dancer had their parents in mind before they went onstage on World Of Dance.” 

There’s no doubt The Kings did a fantastic job representing their home country, as the crew received straight 100s from judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo for their wild final routine. “We were pretty sure the judges would be surprised with our performance and it would be the most powerful thing to interest them and to get the perfect score, Shijin said. “Luckily it turned out to be one of the best performances we’ve done, and something that has never been seen on US television.” Big congratulations to World Of Dance season 3 champs, The Kings!