‘World Of Dance’ Finale Recap: [SPOILER] Wins Season 3 With Perfect A Score

Do you believe it's the 'World Of Dance' finale?! The top 5 acts will compete tonight & only won will win the 1 million dollar prize!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of NBC

We’re finally at the World Final of World Of Dance! Last week, we left off at the moment the judges chose their Wildcard, which is Unity LA! So, we have Briar Nolet, The Kings, Ellie & Ava, VPeepz and Unity LA dancing tonight! Each act will perform tonight for the chance to win the $1 million prize! Plus, Ne-Yo, Derek Hough and last year’s winners, The Lab, performed.

This year, different from others, the finalists were introduced and performed an epic group routine! It truly showed how awesome they all are — truly deserving to be here! “Can that win?!” Derek exclaimed. Each finalist lit a ‘torch’ like the Olympics to start the night and kick off the World Final! Then, Derek came out to perform with last season’s stars Charity & Andres and Michael Dameski! It was EPIC! Then, Ne-Yo sang a medley of his hits while season two favorites Shaun & Kaycee and season 1 choreographing star Ian Eastwood danced! Then, The Lab returned to give a tribute the incredible Jennifer Lopez! The crew started off by dancing to a remix of “I’m Real” by J.Lo and Ja Rule, and went into “Love Don’t Cost A Thing,” and more of her greatest hits! The judge obviously got to goosies!

Now, it’s time for the performances by tonight’s competitors, who were mentored by each of the judges throughout the week. First of the night was Briar Nolet, who started by climbing up a metal frame like she was in American Ninja Warrior! Dancing to a stripped down version of “Toxic,” the Upper Division Champion took the judges advice in adding more ferocity and emotion into her routine. With a little less gymnastics and more movement, Briar gave it her all in her final performance of the show! “I came, I saw, I conquered,” Ne-Yo said of her journey after the routine. “You shot back up like a phoenix, and you’re on fire.” “I felt it tonight!” Derek complimented, while J.Lo said that she didn’t understand the concept of the performance, but she really didn’t care because Briar was so great!

Junior Division Champs VPeepz took the stage next with a sharp and fierce routine! The young crew had a sweet moment in rehearsal with the judges when they asked if they could ‘beat the Kings,’ and J.Lo replied, ‘The Lab beat everyone last year.’ Ne-Yo added that the group needed to believe in themselves to be able to beat anyone. In an awesome scene, the group started by spray painting “V” on a garbage can. The VPeepz created their sick visuals and incorporated cool new tricks.

Wildcard Unity LA were next up. While some may be underestimating them, the group received the second highest score at the Divisional finals, so they could definitely win the whole thing! Unity LA gave a jazzy, stripped down performance dressed in sparkling gold. They were in sync, per usual, and allowed each couple to have a moment in center stage. “An absolute work of art!” Derek said at the end. “It was like a Monet.” “You all are the total package,” Ne-Yo added. “It was like The Met,” J.Lo continued with the compliments! “Tonight, you guys came alive. There was beauty in your passion. I saw your joy for the first time.”

Upper Team Division Champion, The Kings, were next and they are clearly the team everyone is fearing! Dressed in gladiator uniforms, the guys made it clear they were ready to dominate. With strong movements, intense visuals an their mix of Bollywood and hip-hop, The Kings were here to claim their millie! The Mumbai-based group included a slow-motion battle, swords and all, plus they even upped their tricks! The judges were in absolute awe — mouths on the floor — unable to speak following the performance. It was seriously epic. “You guys are the KINGS” all of the judges screamed in unison. It was so intense, J.Lo’s wig came out! Talk about WIG SNATCHED!

The last act to take the stage was sister duo Ellie and Ava! The pair, dressed in light blue, seemed nervous to started but went on to deliver some of their strongest dancing of the season. The judges gave the girls a standing O, as the sisters cried and held each other on stage following the performance. “You should be so proud of yourselves,” Ne-Yo said. Derek got emotional while talking about dancing with his sister. “Dancing with someone you love on that stage is something money can’t buy,” he said. “You have moved me in so many ways during this season, so thank you.”

It’s time for the big moment! Ellie & Ava scored a 95, Briar Nolet scored a 92.7, VPeepz received a 93.7. Ellie & Ava, Unity LA and The Kings were the final three acts left. Unity LA received a 95.7, knocking Ellie & Ava out of the competition, but they should be so proud! The Kings scored a miraculous, straight 100s — the first time all season and the first time in the finale. THE KINGS ARE THE WORLD OF DANCE CHAMPIONS!