‘Game Of Thrones’: A Beloved Character Is Brutally Killed At The Hands Of The Mountain

The final moments of the May 5 episode of 'Game of Thrones' were absolutely devastating. One of the show's main characters was gruesomely beheaded by The Mountain at Cersei's request.

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The Battle of Winterfell featured the loss of many characters, but the May 5 episode of Game of Thrones ended with one of the most shocking and horrific deaths yet. On the way to King’s Landing, Missandei is captured by Cersei’s forces. Daenerys and Tyrion make it to King’s Landing and Tyrion hopes to negotiate with his sister. However, Cersei wants blood to be spilled. She orders The Mountain to cut off Missandei’s head in front of Daenerys, Grey Worm, and Tyrion.

The Mountain doesn’t waste any time in doing so. He kills Missandei and Daenerys is forced to watch as Missandei’s body and head fall to the ground. Grey Worm has to look away as the love of his life is brutally murdered right in front of him. Cersei shows no mercy to her enemies and doesn’t look a bit bothered that she just had a young and innocent girl killed.

Daenerys is not going to let Missandei’s death go. She’s going to be out for revenge now. Missandei had been Dany’s trusted advisor and handmaiden for seasons. They loved each other deeply. Now that Daenerys has lost Missandei, Jorah, and Rhaegal, who was killed on the way to King’s Landing, she’s going to be out for Cersei’s head herself.

Missandei’s death is particularly devastating because of her conversation with Grey Worm before the Battle of Winterfell. Grey Worm had said that he wanted to travel the world after he helped Daenerys win the Iron Throne.  He asked Missandei where she’d like to go after it was all over. She told him that she wanted to see the beaches of Naath again and Grey Worm promised to take her there. Now they’re never going to be able to do that. Rest in peace, Missandei.

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