‘American Idol’: Laci & Laine Reveal If They’re Actually Dating After Katy Perry’s Speculation

Katy Perry questioned whether Laci Kaye Booth and Laine Hardy may be MORE than friends after their duet on last week's 'American Idol,' and they spilled the truth EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife after the show!

Laine Hardy, 18, and Laci Kaye Booth, 23, have amazing chemistry on and off stage on American Idol, but they are not romantically involved! Rumors that the two could be dating began when they performed a duet together during the show’s April 28 episode, and Katy Perry speculated that something might be going on between them. However, we caught up with them after the show for scoop about what’s really going on. “Everybody thinks it,” Laci admitted to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “But we’re still five years apart and we still have significant others.”

Of course, it isn’t easy for Laci’s boyfriend to see her playful interaction with Laine, especially with SO many people talking about it .”[He]’s kind of weirded,” she revealed. “Of course it’s going to make him uncomfortable. It would make me uncomfortable if I was in his shoes! But he knows Laine, and he loves Laine so much.” She also explained that she knows she and Laine have “great chemistry,” which is why she isn’t surprised by the speculation about a possible romance, which Laine agreed with. “The reason people probably think [we’re dating] is because we’re always, like, together! And we’re working on stuff. So I can see people thinking that.”

Laine and Laci first formed a friendship during Hollywood Week when they performed in the same group. Since then, they’ve been “talking to each other, pep talking each other and getting through each round,” Laine said. Their moms have even become good friends throughout this grueling process! “They became friends on Hollywood Week,” Laci said. “They sat beside each other and I think since they’re both southern mamas, they got along quick.”

Laci and Laine are both now in the top 6 of this season of American Idol, along with Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, Wade Cota, Alejandro Aranda and Madison VanDenburg. They’ll sing live for America’s votes once again on May 5 with a spot in the top 4 on the line.

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