‘World Of Dance’: The Kings Reveal If Their Injured Dancer Will Perform In The Finale

Everyone held their breaths after a Kings dancer was injured on 'World Of Dance' the Divisional Final, & yet, he performed. The finalists from India reveal whether he'll perform with the crew in the Wold Final on Sunday!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of NBC

The Kings have been the ones to watch on World Of Dance all season! However, when their performer was injured in rehearsal the day before the Divisional Final, we were brought back to the heartbreak Les Twins endured in season 1 after an injury. Still, the duo went on to be champions and The Kings have a shot at doing the same! The crew from India gave HollywoodLife.com an EXCLUSIVE update on their injured performer and confirmed he WILL be performing in the finals! 

“He is doing really good. We have given him some rest so that he can perform properly with us in the finals. We are planning to keep him focused more on dancing so that there is less stress on him while performing with us during the finals,” The Kings revealed in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. “Currently, he is under good medication care of production team. We really want to thank them for their help and support they have given to us throughout the season!”

The Kings continued to discuss their game plan heading into the World Final, and who they felt was their biggest competition! “If you see from the first round, we have been trying to do something different in each round and since, this is a do or die round, we had to bring something big for the judges!” they teased. “We really didn’t expect to reach to here but after making it so far, our confidence has boost up a lot and we are really working hard to give our best in the World Finals and hoping to win this competition!” They added that Unity LA and The Heima have been their biggest competition throughout the season! However, because of the new Wildcard, the judges may choose either one of those groups for the World Final, and The Kings will have to go head to head with them once more. “We have been great admirers of their talent regardless of the competition,” The Kings commented.

You can watch The Kings battle for the million dollar prize on World Of Dance this Sunday at 8 PM ET on NBC!

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