‘World Of Dance’ Finalist Briar Nolet Stuns In Walk Off The Earth’s Marshall’s Music Video For ‘Mr Parachute’

Walk Off The Earth's Marshall goes solo in his new song 'Mr Parachute,' which features 'World Of Dance' finalist, Briar Nolet! See the stunning video.

Marshall, who is well-known as one of the lead vocalists in the group Walk Off The Earth, is releasing his solo work and it’s absolutely gorgeous. In his new video for his song “Mr Parachute,” which HollywoodLife is EXCLUSIVELY premiering, Marshall, joined by Jocelyn Alice, introduces a new kind of sound — separate from the blatant pop of Walk Off The Earth. In the video, Marshall stars as a cab driver who picks up a number of different customers, like an arguing couple and a talkative cowboy. He’s joined, eventually, by his stunning collaborator, Jocelyn, whose sultry vocals add a smoky depth to the song. “Jocelyn couldn’t have played her role more perfect for the song,” Marshall told HL, exclusively. The crying woman fighting with her husband was played by Lauren Sweetser, who was just in the latest season of True Detective, and Marshall was filled with compliments for her! “Lauren steals the entire beginning,” he said.

Of course, the breakout moment of the video was when Marshall entered a liquor store where we meet a beautiful blonde at the cashier  — none other than World Of Dance season 3 finalist, Briar Nolet! “In the video, you can tell Marshall is minding his own business, picking up people of all ages and groups in his cab, and he comes into the store where you find me — someone who really wants to change her life,” the 20-year-old dancer explains. Briar sees a young girl twirl in the store, which immediately kicks her into dance mode. “I get inspired and start dancing,” she explained in an exclusive interview with HL. “I then get in the cab and don’t really know where I go!” She laughed. “Briar completely destroys the video both with her acting and her dancing,” Marshall complimented. “I can honestly say it’s the most fulfilling video I’ve ever done.”

Briar revealed to HL that this video was actually a family affair, as she dates Marshall’s son, Myles Erlick. “His mom is my agent, too! So we’re all connected,” Briar enthused. “When Marshall asked me to be in the video, I was so honored.” So sweet! You can catch Briar compete in the World Of Dance World Finals this Sunday at 8 PM ET! Plus, Marshall’s debut solo album, Layers, will be released on June 21.

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