Paula Abdul Hits Julianne Hough With Her Hat During BBMAs Performance & Twitter Goes Wild — Watch

There was a minor casualty at the BBMAs -- Paula Abdul's hat smacked Julianne Hough right in the neck. If anything, Julianne looked happy that it happened.

Paula Abdul Hits Julianne Hough Hat
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What hurts even more than not getting a yellow slip on American Idol? We presume coming face-to-face with a flying top hat, which Julianne Hough, 30, did at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on May 1. The incident happened in the middle of Paula Abdul’s performance of “Straight Up,” which was nothing short of amazing — understandably, Paula, 56, got carried away in the moment as she made her way down the audience aisle. Dressed in a sparkly bodysuit, she whipped off her show hat and it went sailing through the air, smack-dab into Julianne.

Luckily, the Dancing with the Stars champ was barely fazed — if anything, she looked honored to be hit by Paula’s hat. The blonde beauty turned to face the camera in surprise, smiled wide, and resumed jamming out to Paula’s performance. The “Straight Up” singer briefly flashed Julianne an apologetic look and the show carried on. And there are no hard feelings, we’re hearing. “[Julianne] is fine and happy and currently picking up all the confetti, she seems to have loved the performance,” an eyewitness EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife after Paula’s performance wrapped.

Julianne even retweeted a clip of the mishap, so she’s laughing along with Twitter. “Paula Abdul nearly decapitates Julianne Hough 😂,” one Twitter user joked, while another fan mused, ” LOL Paula Abdul throwing her hat and hitting Julianne Hough square in the throat. That’s showbiz, baby! ” A third Twitter fan poked fun at Julianne’s BBMAs ensemble, writing, “Paula Abdul said F**K Julianne Hough’s sparkly bikini.” Before the hat collision took place, Julianne even snapped a photo with Paula from the audience seats. “Straight up one of the most legendary dancers and the woman who has the most secrets on @SimonCowell…PAULA ABDUL!!!” the Footlose star captioned the friendly shot of her and the ’80s and ’90s sensation.

Paula closed out the BBMAs with a medley of her hits, which included “Cold Hearted” and “Forever Your Girl.” She left Twitter speechless, as she did a somersault on stage and was tossed about by her hunky backup dancers — just four years away from turning 60 years old. “Paula Abdul just tore up the stage like this at 56 and I have lower back problems and my knees crack whenever I stand up,” one viewer tweeted, capturing what we all feel.

Julianne has even more opportunities to be hit with Paula’s hat, because the pop legend announced her Las Vegas residency show, Paula Abdul: Forever Your Girl, on the same day of the award show. It kicks off in Aug. 2019 at the Flamingo hotel!

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