‘Empire’ Recap: Andre Tells His Family Goodbye & Lucious Sees Ghosts From His Past

Andre's made the decision to end his own life and he decides to spend his last day with his family on the May 1 episode of 'Empire.' However, a last-minute discovery by Cookie changes everything.

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Lucious is working hard to try and get Andre a new heart. He’s been on the phone with the best doctors and he’ll pay any amount of money. He doesn’t want to watch his son die. Andre has accepted his fate but doesn’t want to die alone. He wants Lucious there with him. He’s got one day left to live and he’s already got letters written for his family. Andre still doesn’t know that Teri is pregnant. She tells Cookie that she doesn’t want to reveal the news to Andre until she’s gotten more tests done. She’s not sure if she can carry the baby to term.

Lucious can’t stop thinking about Andre. He gets so preoccupied that he crashes his car. He makes it home but no one’s there. All of a sudden, he sees Bunky! Bunky’s ghost taunts Lucious, telling him that blood has never stopped him from killing people he loves. Lucious is shook. He wakes up in the hospital and sees Shine’s ghost and then his father’s ghost. Lucious’s sins of his past are now coming back to haunt him. Meanwhile, Cookie and Lucious go roller skating together. Andre starts to say goodbye to his mom in his own way. Later, he has a drink with Quincy and gives him some words of wisdom about life.

Tiana and Devon are having a moment as she listens to his new song in the studio. Hakeem and Maya show up and things get awkward very quickly. Hakeem notices that Tiana doesn’t have her princess necklace on and she tells him that she broke it. There are so many words left unsaid in that room. Hakeem and Tiana are not going to be able to stay away from each other for too much longer.

Over at Empire, employee checks are bouncing so Becky and Giselle have to come up with something quickly. Becky comes up with a concert plan with Empire artists and non-Empire artists. Andre says they’re going to need a loan from Patel in order to make this happen. Andre ends up calling Kingsley for help. He’s forgiven Kingsley and thinks his older brother can make things right after all of his mistakes. “It’s not too late,” Andre tells Kingsley. Kingsley asks Andre how much money Empire needs. He’s willing to give $10 million. It’s the least he can do. Before he leaves, he asks Andre if he just said all those things to get a check. Andre says that was never the case.

Conway corners Cookie and brings her to the station. She brings up Panama and asks how Empire got the money for the Trust tour. Cookie is not a snitch so she’s tight-lipped. Conway also brings up Damon Cross and how close he and Cookie looked in Panama. Cookie doesn’t let Conway get under her skin. When Cookie crosses paths with Damon after her talk with Conway, she warns him about the feds.

At the concert, Hakeem performs with Ty Dolla $ign and Tiana hits the stage with Sevyn Streeter. Before she goes out on stage, Tiana has a moment with Hakeem. He fixed her princess necklace. Swoon. Patel tries to make a move on Giselle while wanting to talk about her “future,” and she turns him down spectacularly. After the concert, Teri reveals to Cookie that she’s having a boy and she’ll tell Andre the news tomorrow. She still has no idea that Andre is planning to end his life tonight.

Andre brings his family in to tell them that he loves them. This is his version of a last goodbye. Lucious has come to terms with Andre’s decision and is going to stand by him. Lucious and Andre have a last dinner together. Cookie finds Andre’s letters and reads the one he wrote her. She calls Lucious frantically but doesn’t get an answer. She races to the hotel. Before Andre can take the pills to end his life, Cookie runs into the room and throws them on the floor. She is screaming at Lucious for allowing this to happen. She can’t believe he would do this to her son. Cookie tells Lucious and Andre that Teri is pregnant. Suddenly, Andre collapses on the floor and struggles to breathe. Pray for Andre!

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