‘Teen Mom 2’: Leah Messer Finally Reveals Why She & Jason Jordan Split

Leah Messer broke up with Jason Jordan during the April 29 episode of 'Teen Mom 2'. And while we already knew their split was coming, we finally learned why they parted ways.

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Leah Messer, 26, said, “It just wasn’t right”, when a producer asked her why she and Jason Jordan split, during the April 29 episode of Teen Mom 2. “Things with Jason haven’t been going well lately. I tried not to bring it up on camera, but I’m ready to talk about it now,” she began, before explaining, “Jason and I broke up … My kids weren’t feeling it anymore either, and not that they can determine who I’m going to be with, but they were picking up on the energy. And I wasn’t okay.”

Leah told her producer that Jason acted one way behind the scenes and another way when cameras were rolling. And unfortunately for her, Leah wasn’t happy with the way Jason behaved when they were alone. “We’ve had a lot of disagreements lately on parenting. He gets openly angry. He doesn’t hit or anything like that — he just gets upset. He, like, kind of takes it out on everyone. I feel like there was always an expectation that I could never meet. It didn’t matter — I could get up and cook breakfast, do this, do that, have all the kids ready, watch his kid, and keep doing, but it was never enough. And he felt the same way, but no one wanted to make the move to say this isn’t working out, and I had to eventually say, ‘This is exhausting. This is not working out.'”

Leah then went on to explain that she became upset once when Jason kept her dog locked up in his garage in 39-degree weather. Because of it, they got into an argument, and then he told her to leave his house and take her dog with her. That was basically the straw that broke the camel’s back.

However, Leah and Jason’s split wasn’t exactly a clean break. A few days after their breakup, she said he showed up to her house unexpected and brought some treats, like flowers and candy, with him. He also gave her a key to his house, begged her to take him back and said he’d be open to couple’s counseling. But it wasn’t enough — in the end, Leah knew Jason just wasn’t the right guy for her, so she broke the news to her daughters and they seemed totally fine about it. In fact, they told her that they didn’t even like Jason. Especially because he “hogged” her.

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