Savannah Chrisley Reveals Why She Kept Engagement To Nic Kerdiles Under Wraps For Nearly 4 Mos.

Savannah Chrisley hid her engagement to Nic Kerdiles from fans for months. She's now explaining why she decided to keep such joyous news a secret.

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When most couples get engaged, they want to shout the good news to the world. Not Savannah Chrisley, 21, and fiance Nic Kerdiles, 25, as she said yes to his Christmas Eve of 2018 proposal, but they waited to tell everyone except their closest family members the news until April 3, 2019. “I think we just both kind of came to the agreement that we wanted to enjoy it within our family so we just wanted to kind of soak it all in and enjoy without other people coming at us and kind of giving us their opinion, Savannah tells EXCLUSIVELY.  She continues, “There’s always going to be people who have positive things to say and negative things to say so we just wanted to enjoy it without having all the madness from it.”

Savannah first introduced fans to her pro hockey player beau in a Jan. 2018 Happy Birthday Instagram post were she called him “the kindest, funniest, loving, most selfless person.” The Chrisley Knows Best star says that she had a target date on when an engagement should happen. “We definitely had been talking about it, but I’ve always had a goal. I said if you don’t know after 2 years then you’re never going to know so don’t waste my time and I told Nic that very early on,” she explains.

“He knew that, so I honestly didn’t expect it to happen before 2 years. I was surprised up until the day of. I kind of got a few clues. I knew something was happening,” Savannah continues. Nic adds that ” She’s a very nosey person. I didn’t give it away but I guess everything else kind of gave it away.”  The Winnipeg Jets player says that nothing has really changed in their relationship since the engagement and that “She’s still the same ‘ol Savannah that I love to death.” Aww!

The couple is already planning the wedding, which they’re hoping will take place in the summer of 2020. And of course her dad Todd Chrisley is highly involved in the ceremony of his princess. “He and I have had my wedding planned since I was a teenager. At this point it was just about putting it all into motion. I’m extremely blessed to have him here to plan it all with me. He’s paying for it and planning it so I love it. I could have him plan it and me just show up and it would be perfect,” she tells us, adding, “My dad likes to say this will be like the royal wedding of the south.”

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