Johnny Depp ‘Will Not Back Down’ In Amber Heard Legal Battle Until His ‘Reputation Is Restored’

Johnny Depp is determined to do whatever it takes to clear his name and win the legal fight against his ex, Amber Heard, after she publicly accused him of allegedly abusing her.

Johnny Depp, 55, and Amber Heard, 33, have made major headlines for the messy battle they’ve had with each other since their split, and now that the actor has officially filed a $50 million defamation suit against his ex-wife, he’s not backing down. It turns out Johnny is determined to go above and beyond to prove his innocence and cleanse his reputation after Amber accused him of giving her two black eyes in 2015, and since Amber’s own personal stylist, Samantha McMillen came forward to give a statement disputing Amber’s claims, Johnny’s more ready than he’s ever been to fight the good legal fight and get justice once and for all.

“Johnny is preparing for a long legal battle with his ex Amber,” a source close to the situation EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “His response to her latest motion to dismiss (transfer venue) is due on Monday, May 20, after which Amber’s reply will then be due May 31. Johnny will lay out proof of his allegations that Amber and her friends carried out a series of abuse hoaxes targeting him. With no hearing date yet set, and a series of motion victories behind him, he has already put a lot of time and energy into clearing his name from her nasty allegations.”
That time and effort will continue and Johnny is ready for the long haul. “He is being patient and persevering in his fight against Amber over the truth, and Johnny will not back down,” the source continued. “As long as it takes, Johnny will use the courts to carry out justice until his name in Hollywood is cleared and his reputation is restored. She harmed him a lot back when he wasn’t defending himself; now he recognizes he must engage fully in this legal battle until her allegations are totally disproven. Johnny is not going to get trampled on any longer.”
Johnny’s lawyer, Adam Waldman also EXCLUSIVELY spoke with HollywoodLife about what’s going on in the current legal battle between Johnny and Amber and explained why he thinks Amber’s abuse claims are not true. “Having exposed Amber Heard’s May 21, 2016 abuse hoax with evidence including 2 police officers, 19 eyewitness statements, and 87 surveillance videos, we have now issued new subpoenas and have already begun dismantling her other diabolical abuse scams,” Waldman said.
“Before the evidence fully reveals this previously arrested, violent abuser’s latest charade, here is a question: what actual abuse victim presents an easily disprovable hoax to the court to obtain a temporary restraining order when they claim to possess other real evidence of abuse,” Johnny’s attorney continued. “That Amber Heard is allowed to pretend none of this is happening, and glide from one ‘philanthropic’ photo op to the next, is a grotesque insult to the pain and experiences of real abuse victims of every gender.”
The battle between Johnny and Amber started after the blonde actress claimed in court documents that the Edward Scissorhands star beat her multiple times throughout their marriage, which lasted from 2015-2017. After she continued to rock the boat with a Dec. 2018 op-ed for the Washington Post, which further detailed her alleged abuse claims against him, Johnny fought back last month by suing her for allegedly abusing him.