Vanessa Grimaldi Sobs After Learning She May Not Be Invited To Jared & Ashley’s Wedding — Listen

Vanessa Grimaldi cried in the middle of her podcast after she wasn't guaranteed a wedding invite from her own co-host, Jared Haibon, and assumed it was because of a 'particular person.'

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Vanessa Grimaldi, 31, assumed the worse when she learned that her ex-fiancé, Nick Viall, 38, would be a groomsman in the wedding party for fellow Bachelor Nation stars Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti. “Vanessa is joking around about maybe not being on the guest list [of Jared and Ashley’s wedding],” Dean Unglert, Vanessa and Jared’s third podcast co-host, revealed on the April 21 episode of Help! I Suck at Dating with Dean, Vanessa and Jared. But when Vanessa was called back into the podcast, her tone was far from joking.

“I’m just sad,” Vanessa said in-between tears. Jared jumped in, saying, “If I’m being honest, most importantly — both Ashley and I — we just want to make everybody happy but also make sure that, you know, that day is most importantly about us.” To this, Vanessa said, “I totally get it…I mean I assume, I mean, I understand and I guess, I don’t want to make an a** out of myself by making an assumption, but I assume it’s because of a particular person and I get that.” Of course, she was referring to Nick, who proposed to her on the Season 21 finale of The Bachelor. Vanessa has since moved on to Josh Wolfe.

Jared clarified that the wedding guest list hasn’t even been finalized, and Vanessa did her best to respect Jared’s decision. But she truly was blindsided. “Vanessa was shocked and disappointed to learn she wasn’t invited to Ashley and Jared’s upcoming nuptials as she truly thought she was invited but she understood,” a source close to Nick, Vanessa, Jared and Ashley EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “She never was on the guest list and won’t be. It was a hard decision for both Ashley and Jarod to make as they really want her there. They love Vanessa and are so close to her.”

Nick also insisted he’s not the reason Vanessa hasn’t received a “save the date” card. “Huh?? That person isn’t me. Ashley and Jared’s wedding is Ashley and Jared days. Looking forward to enjoying the day with them and everyone they want to celebrate it with,” Nick commented under E! News’ coverage of the awkward conversation between Jared and Ashley. On the podcast, Jared also assured that he hadn’t “talked to Nick about this.”

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