Pauly D Freaks Out After Being Accused Of Cheating On Aubrey O’Day In ‘Double Shot At Love’ Preview

'Double Shot At Love' just went there. Pauly D was completely caught off guard when an emotional contestant confronted him about a rumor that he cheated on his ex, Aubrey O'Day... and things got heated. See his reaction in this new preview!

Pauly D, 38, may have moved on from his ex, Aubrey O’Day, 35 — but, his controversial past still continues to conflict with his journey to find love. In a brand new preview for his MTV dating show, Double Shot At Love, the Jersey Shore star is put on the spot by a curious contestant who heard a rumor that he cheated on his ex. The drama goes down while Pauly is talking with two women, Marissa and Holly, about the topic of cheating on your significant other. “Yeah, I don’t do that whole cheating thing,” Pauly assures Marissa during the new preview, which was obtained by Page Six. He adds that cheating is “a waste of time.”

But, while Marissa is content with the DJ’s answer, Holly still has some questions. “There’s something I need to know about Pauly,” she says in a confessional. “I heard a rumor that Pauly cheated on Aubrey once from one of my friends who saw it with his own eyes,” she continues, before questioning, “Should I bring it up? Should I not. Should I just kind of be hush hush about it?”

Meanwhile, Pauly is still going on about how cheating while in a relationship is pointless. “You did it once it’s over,” he says to Marissa. “You’ll never be able to trust the person… It’s crazy.” And, Marissa agrees, before Holly chimes in. “I have to talk to you about something,” she says to Pauly. “When I was at Starline Ballroom someone told me that — like I was friends with a bouncer — he said, ‘Oh, he cheated on Aubrey one night,'” Holly recalls.

At this point, Pauly is clearly shocked by the accusation. “Oh hell no. I don’t cheat,” he tells Holly. She then appears to instantly regret her decision to speak up about what she’d heard. “I don’t want to put you on the spot,” Holly says in an attempt to smooth things over. But, a disgusted Pauly isn’t having any of it.

“What the hell are you talking about?” he goes off in his confessional, before opening up about the struggles of finding love in the spotlight. “And this is why I’m single because being in the limelight people say crazy things,” he admits. “So you mean to tell me every time you hear something you gotta confront me about it?”

Pauly eventually explains to the two women that his relationship with Aubrey was “on and off on and off on and off. He continues: “When we were off she did her thing. When I was off, I did my thing. I would never. No point. I don’t believe in that. I never cheated on any girlfriend I’ve had in my life.”

The clip ends with Pauly getting up and walking away as Holly is visibly upset. “I had to ask,” she says in a tearful confessional, explaining that she “wanted to address it.” Holly goes on to admit, “I just wanted to be honest with the man that I love, but I just feel like I keep f–king up.” She then puts her head down in tears as the her fate on the show clearly hangs in the balance because of her tense conversation with Pauly.

Pauly dated Aubrey, a singer, from early 2016 to July of 2017. The pair met while filming another dating show, Famously Single, on E!. Pauly and Aubrey went through a brief and very public split in May 2016 over his alleged infidelity. — Double Shot at Love airs every Thursday at 8 PM ET, only on MTV.

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