‘On My Block’ Co-Creators: Why They Decided To Reveal Ruby’s Fate In Season 2 Teaser

'On My Block' season 2 hits Netflix on March 29. The first teaser revealed that Ruby is alive after the shocking finale. HL spoke with the co-creators about dropping that major plot point before season 2's release.

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At the end of On My Block season 1, Ruby (Jason Genao) and Olivia (Ronni Hawk) were shot by Latrelle (Jahking Guillory) at Olivia’s quinceañera. The last moments of the finale featured Ruby on the ground struggling to breathe. Fans had been waiting nearly a year to find out what happened to Ruby and Olivia, and On My Block didn’t make us wait until season 2 debuts on March 29. When Netflix dropped a season 2 teaser — a nearly 4-minute cold opening — in early March 2019, the last seconds revealed Ruby is alive. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY On My Block co-creators Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft about their decision behind that huge spoiler.

“After the show came out, the audience was asking, ‘Oh, my god, what happens to Ruby? What happens to Olivia?’ We had fans sending us DMs and stuff that was on Twitter and Instagram saying you better not kill Ruby,” Eddie told HollywoodLife. “We felt like there was only so long you can tease an audience, and we wanted to tell them and finally give them a definitive answer about what was going to happen. We held it as long as possible in that teaser, until that last moment. So, we thought it made sense. And then, especially when you’re marketing a show, it’s difficult to market the show, at least I’m guessing this is the perspective from Netflix, it’s difficult to market a show unless you have one of your main stars. You can’t hide the ball that long.”

HollywoodLife also asked whether there was ever a discussion about possibly killing off Ruby. ‘Something that we always wanted to do was to be authentic to Eddie’s life,” Jeremy explained. “Both in the fun, sort of John Hughes aspect that Eddie had growing up, but also in the realities of Eddie’s life. There were gangs. There was violence. This is something Eddie has always said: we have to be true.” Eddie was born in Compton, California, and grew up in Lynwood, an inner city in California.

Ruby and Olivia were shot, but Latrelle was actually coming to kill Cesar (Diego Tinoco). So, how will that impact Ruby and Cesar’s friendship in season 2? “We basically hide the ball a little bit on that one, for lack of a better word because Cesar is afraid to see Ruby,” Eddie teased. “He hasn’t seen him since that night. So, much like anyone else, he’s feeling tremendous guilt about what happened, and he doesn’t know the reaction he’s going to get from Ruby. And, in a lot of ways, it’s almost like he’s looking for absolution. There’s a beautiful moment in the first episode when they see each other for the first time. Cesar basically breaks down and says he’s sorry. You wonder at that moment what Ruby is going to say. Is he going to absolve him of his guilt? Or is he going to go after him? It’s one of our favorite moments in the season.”

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