Kobe Bryant & Wife Vanessa ‘Would Love To Have A Son’: They ‘Aren’t Done’ Having Kids

NBA fans have always rooted for Kobe Bryant to have a son who could one day take over the league. After four daughters, Mamba and wife Vanessa are still going to keep trying for a boy.

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Kobe and Vanessa Bryant
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Kobe Bryant, 40, and wife Vanessa, 36, have three lovely daughters and another one on the way, yet they are still hoping to one day have a son. After all, NBA teams would probably sign a baby boy Mamba to a contract the second he entered the world with all of his legendary Laker father’s athletic genes. The couple adore their three daughters Natalia, 16, Gianna, 12, and 2-year-old Bianka and announced in January that a fourth girl will be added to the family this summer. But they’re still holding out hope for a baby boy one day.

“What father would not want to have a son? That same adage goes for Kobe but it is no way a disappointment and shouldn’t be taken negatively at all if it never happens. Kobe and Vanessa would absolutely love to have a son but are completely blessed that they have healthy beautiful daughters. They will try again, they aren’t done with their family and look to grow it regardless of the fifth child is a son or daughter,” a source close to Kobe tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“Plus one thing to throw out there, Kobe thinks that five is a charm. He has five championships, so he has joked to friends and Vanessa it will be a boy the fifth time around!” our insider adds. Kobe’s dad Joe “Jellybean” Bryant played in the NBA himself for eight seasons between 1975 and 1983, and nurtured his son’s natural athletic abilities. Can you imagine what Kobe could do with a son of his own?

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry 30, and his wife Ayesha , 30, faced the same kind pressure from fans with her third pregnancy after the couple had two daughters. Like Kobe, Steph was heavily mentored by his retired NBA star dad Dell Curry and has gone on to become one the most dominant players in the NBA. Fans wanted to see him get a son of his own so he could do the same with a little boy. He got it when baby Canon Jack Curry entered the world on July 2, 2018 to the joy of Dubs Nation. If Kobe never gets a son, his daughter Gianna  — a.k.a.”Gigi” — has inherited his wicked basketball skills and will probably make a fine addition to the WNBA one day.

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