‘Speechless’ Preview: Dylan & Ray Step In To Save JJ’s Prom Date With Bella Thorne — Watch

Bella Thorne is guest-starring on the March 22 episode of 'Speechless' as JJ's prom date. When things don't go according to plan, Dylan and Ray swoop in to make sure Izzy gets jealous over JJ's prom date!

Bella Thorne plays Cassidy, a celebrity who agrees to go to prom with JJ (Micah Fowler). At prom, students start taking pictures with Cassidy. “People are going to post this and Izzy’s going to see there’s nothing to be jealous about,” Dylan (Kyla Kenedy) says to Ray (Mason Cook) in our EXCLUSIVE preview. They need a plan. Meanwhile, Cassidy is explaining her movie to JJ and it’s not going well. She tells JJ that one part of the movie will feature her friends “throwing her off a cliff” because she’s disabled, and JJ starts shaking his head.

“They have zero chemistry. It’s like watching me talk to mom,” Ray says. That’s when Dylan takes action. She walks over to JJ and Cassidy. She pushes Cassidy onto JJ’s lap. “Okay… This photo sells me as an ally to the disability community,” Ryan says before snapping a photo of JJ and Cassidy. The rest of their photo ops are too cute. Bella rocks her signature red hair and a gorgeous metallic pink dress for the prom episode. Once Cassidy and JJ get on the right track, they start having fun!

The synopsis for the March 22 episode reads: “Outraged that JJ’s girlfriend, Izzy, declines his invitation to prom, Dylan and Ray swing for the fences with a bold plan to make her jealous. Jimmy, Kenneth and Melanie coach Maya through accepting criticism for the good of her company, and one of the DiMeos takes a big step into a new life.” Speechless season 3 airs Fridays at 8:30 p.m. on ABC.

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