‘Don’t Be Tardy’: Kim Zolciak Nearly Has A Heart Attack When Brielle Reveals She’s Moving Out

Brielle Biermann broke some shocking news to her parents, Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann, during the March 15 episode of 'Don't Be Tardy'.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Bravo

Kim Zolciak was left sighing “oh brother” for more reasons than one during the March 15 episode of Don’t Be Tardy. Not only did she grapple with a frightening health issue, but she reconnected with her long-lost brother and dealt with a shocking announcement from her daughter, Brielle Biermann. It all started when Kim’s head started “pounding” and her heart rate was at a 130 while resting in bed, so Kroy rushed her to the hospital. Especially because she recently suffered a stroke and she wanted to make sure she wasn’t having another one. Fortunately, the doctors informed Kim that her blood count was just low, so they gave her a bag of iron. She battled issues with anemia throughout most of her life, but this new health scare certainly made her wonder about her family history and whether or not her brother has the same blood disorder.

Kim actually had no idea whether or not her brother had the same blood disorder because they hadn’t seen each other in 16 years. Kim couldn’t remember any falling out they had had — she just doesn’t talk to her family all that much. However, Kim thought it might be a good idea to change that, so she called her brother up and invited him to her 40th birthday party, which she and Kroy were seen planning this week. He said he’d come and also told Kim that he’s experienced a lot of the same symptoms she has, so it’s possible they both have the same health issue.

Meanwhile, Brielle found the perfect apartment for herself. Listed at $3,500 per month, Brielle fell in love with the “floor to ceiling windows” and “skinny mirror” that came already installed in the open unit in a brand new high-rise building in Buckhead. It was everything Brielle wanted, but she and Ariana worried about how Kim would react to the idea of Brielle moving out. It’ll “break her old lady heart,” Brielle predicted. And they were right. Kim said she felt like she was having a heart attack after Brielle told her about moving out. Kim wondered what she’d do at 4am, when she can’t see where Brielle is or what she’s doing. But still, she seemed open to the idea and asked to see the potential apartment. So maybe there’s some hope for Brielle!

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