Kendall Jenner Stars In New Longchamp SS19 Ad — Watch

Swoon! Kendall Jenner looks gorgeous in the new ad for Longchamp's ss19 collection, playing a mysterious woman who's just at home behind the wheel as she is on horseback. You have to watch 'The Ride'!

Kendall Jenner takes one wild ride in Longchamp‘s dreamy new ad for their Spring/Summer 2019 collection. Much like other fashion and perfume commercials, The Ride doesn’t actually reveal much about the brand’s new clothing. Instead, the minute-long spot focuses on Kendall’s journey by car and by horseback through Malibu. Kendall, wearing a suede two-piece outfit, looks confused as she’s running down the beach in Baywatch slo-mo. The ad jumps between her and a horse running through the streets of a crowded city. Poor thing!

Suddenly, Kendall’s behind the wheel of a vintage car, looking badass behind a pair of oversized sunglasses. Is she trying to track down her horse? It’s unclear, but after hours of chasing each other, Kendall and the horse finally meet up on the beach. Their reunion is totally happy as Marsheaux‘s song “Mediterranean” plays in the background. Aww. We’re loving Kendall’s suede outfit, a pair of shorts and a cropped tank embellished with fringe. When paired with gladiator sandals, it gives off a very “Jane Fonda in Barbarella” or “Linda Harrison in Planet of the Apes” vibes. Look it up, kids!

The last fashion campaign we saw Kendall in wasn’t as animated as Longchamp’s, but it was still so pretty. Kendall and sister Kylie Jenner both posed in bikinis for a new Ardene swimwear ad. The sisters have their own collection with Ardene, so who better than themselves to model it? Kendall looks radiant in the olive green bikini with high-cut bottoms and a crinkled top. Kylie’s one-piece swimsuit is perfect, too. So sporty!

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