‘The Challenge’ Preview: Kam Makes Leroy Jealous By Kissing Theo Right In Front Of Him

Things heat up between Kam and Theo on this week's episode of 'The Challenge: War of the Worlds' -- and Leroy is NOT happy about it in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek!

Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett are in a weird place on this season of The Challenge. The two got together while on The Challenge: Vendettas, which aired at the beginning of 2018, but things fizzled out last summer. Now, they’re both competing on War of the Worlds, and during the premiere episode, Leroy admitted that his feelings are “still with Kam,” while she said she “has a lot of love for Leroy, but [she’s] not in love with Leroy.” In an EXCLUSIVE preview of the March 13 episode of War of the Worlds, Kam finally moves on from Leroy with rookie player, Theo Campbell, and it doesn’t sit too well with Leroy.

“I want [me and Kam] to go back to the way we were,” Leroy admits to his longtime friend, Nany Gonzalez, in the clip. At that point, Nany points out Kam and Theo full-on making out in the corner of the bar and asks, “So you’re cool with that?!” The short answer: NOPE! “After I just had this conversation with Kam, not even ten seconds later, she’s over there making out with Theo,” Leroy complains in a confessional. “And it’s like soap opera making out. Does it bother me? Yes!”

Many of the other castmates seem to be on-board with the hookup, though, and can be seen cheering Kam and Theo on as they continue kissing. However, we’ll have to wait until the full episode airs on March 13 at 9:00 p.m. on MTV to find out if Leroy confronts Kam about the situation and what comes of her relationship with Theo!

This season, Kam is partnered with Ashley Cain from Ex on the Beach UK, while Leroy is with Shaleen Sutherland from The Bachelor Canada. Theo hails from another UK show, Love Island, and is paired with Cara Maria Sorbello.

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